Who we are

Our vision

Top Quality Faith Ministries (TQFM) is a multicultural, global church infused with God-given gifts and talents. We declare and proclaim God’s love and absolute authority upon the earth by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through our faith, devotion, and zeal, we acknowledge the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

TQFM’s objective is to reach out to communities, cities, and nations. We, as a body, relentlessly tear down the barriers of religious tradition, break the yokes of bondage to sin, restore the spiritually lost, and cultivate and preserve unity within the body of Christ.

TQFM embraces all and imparts love so that all may come to know the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Our mission

Top Quality Faith Ministries is mandated by God the Father to love and to serve as an instrument of the body of Christ. Our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God by the Holy Spirit, to make disciples of the nations, and to transform lives by allowing the hand and arm of God to bring the fullness of His Word.

Through the continual surrender of our lives, worship, and intercessory prayer, we embrace His covenant and take possession of what He has called forth. Our purpose is to preach the vibrant and living Word of God that causes radical change in the lives of others.

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Our ministries

Praise & Worship

Through psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, and praise, our singers, musicians, and songwriters lead the house into corporate worship every Sunday morning.

Dance Worship

Partnering with our Praise & Worship team, our dancers help lead the house into corporate worship through freeform dance and movement on Sunday mornings.

Intercessory Prayer

Our Intercessory Prayer team meets monthly to pray on behalf of the church. Prayer team members also serve at the altar after Sunday services. If you would like to request prayer, please contact the team at prayer@tqfm.org.

Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries include Men's Ministry and Women's Ministry. We meet periodically for fellowship, care, accountability, sharing stories, and studying God's word.

Youth & Children's Ministries

Our Youth Ministry (ages 12-18) and Children's Ministry (ages 5-11) meet every Sunday morning to learn about who God is and our relationship with Him. Our teachers strive to create environments, curriculum, and resources that help to build a strong, gospel-centered foundation for the next generation.

Hospitality Ministries

Our Hospitality Ministries support in all aspects of member care, including welcoming new members, planning special events, providing food and refreshments, visiting homes and hospitals, and assisting with transportation.

Our leadership


Pastor Kathy R., Lead Pastor

Everett B., Elder

Renata L., Elder

Sylvia L., Elder

Jamila S., Elder

Worship leaders

Jamila S., Praise & Worship

Amanda M., Dance Worship

Nora B., Intercessory Prayer

Discipleship leaders

Everett B., Men’s Ministry

Josie M., Women’s Ministry

Bryan D., Youth Ministry

Amanda M., Youth Ministry

Jamila S., Children's Ministry

Support leaders

Renata L., Hospitality

Sylvia L., Communications

Billie L., Sound & Stagehand

Renata L., Finance

Our history

Pastor Kathy Ramelb, founding pastor of Top Quality Faith Ministries, started her ministry at the Church of the Living God in Christ in Los Angeles, CA, under the leadership of Bishop Arnold Lloyd and Pastor Donna Lloyd. Readily sharing the word of the Lord, she faithfully served as a member of the church and was eventually ordained minister and prophet.

One day, Pastor Donna said to the congregation, “The Lord is going to give some of you the names of ministries.” Not long after, while Pastor Kathy was in prayer and worship, she heard the name, “Top Quality Faith Ministries.” She wrote the name in her bible, but did not share it with anyone. Finding the name outrageous, she thought nothing more of it.

Meanwhile, Pastor Kathy frequently shared her faith with her coworkers. These conversations grew into small bible studies in the break room, eventually moving to the conference room, a colleague's apartment, and finally Pastor's home.

After years of preaching the gospel and leading people to Christ, Pastor Kathy was ordained pastor. At the same time, bible study participants expressed interest in meeting together on Sundays for church. Pastor remembered the name she had written in her bible and, soon after, established Top Quality Faith Ministries as a non-profit church.

Years later, Top Quality Faith Ministries grew out of Pastor Kathy's home. While bible study still meets there, the church has more than tripled in size and currently meets at Granada Pavilion in Granada Hills, CA.