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A Black mermaid fantasy story with forbidden love and danger mixed in.

Words from the author: This is a blend of African mythology, history, myth, and fiction. The novel is set in the 1400s when the Portuguese first began abducting and selling people into slavery.

Simidele (her name means "follow me home") is a teenage girl tossed off a ship and transformed into a mermaid by Yemoja, a Yoruba deity. Simi's new purpose is to accompany souls to their final rest, until one day she goes against ancient decree to save a living boy thrown from a ship. This boy, Kola, has a mission of his own. Soon Simi and Kola join forces to save his siblings and all mankind, and to atone for Simi's infraction. The magical creatures, deities, and the bond the two main characters form add to an interesting plot which is absorbing and thrilling.

Although the backstory is repulsive, the mythology, language and plot was fascinating. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and encourage anyone who likes fantasy to read this.

The sequel, Soul of the Deep, is expected to be released in September. I will definitely be reading it!

This book is available on SORA. Also through SORA, the Toledo Lucas Co. Library and the Ohio Digital Library have ebook and audio copies. Ask your librarian how to access these.

I just finished reading With the Fire on High. If you like food and cooking; if you like reading about a young woman rising up over many of life's hurdles, you will love this book!

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