Broadband Chesterfield - the Town of Chesterfield Massachusetts is committed to providing the residents of Chesterfield with high-speed broadband service. The Chesterfield Municipal Light Plant will oversee the project and Westfield Gas and Electric/Whip City Fiber will be building our network.

Latest News - Our network design is complete! This means that Westfield Gas and Electric has mapped out every premise in Town and figured out the best way to route the fiber-optic cable to get there. We are now waiting for Eversource and Verizon to issue licenses to attach the fiber-optic cable to their poles. Once the licenses are issued, the make ready work begins to prepare the poles. Once that is done we can begin building the network.

Update March 2019 - The telecommunications hut is ordered and preparations are underway for installing it. We walked out with the Verizon and Eversource engineers to see which poles need make ready work and are waiting for them to begin work. This is the main delay - we are dependent on Verizon and Eversource for make ready work. Our contract to construct the fiber optic network is out for bid and we expect to have a contract awarded by early April. On the horizon is the choice of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). As soon as the ground is workable, we should have some pictures of the new telecommunications hut posted!

Update January 2019 - We have a design for our Telecommunications Hut and it is being constructed by a local concrete company. This is the secure, concrete structure that will house the heart of the Broadband Network. Below is a picture of what a similar hut (in Plainfield) looks like. We are in the process of working with engineers to prepare the "make-ready" so that we can begin preparing poles for attaching fiber.

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9' by 16' concrete telecommunications hut in Plainfield. It is similar to the one we will have in Chesterfield. It has HVAC, a back-up generator, and all of the electronics needed to power our network. Each subscriber will have a "home-run" fiber cable from their house directly to this hut.

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