Integrating Climate Science into your STEM Courses

Join Northwestern University climate scientist Yarrow Axford and OCEP for a two-day workshop designed to support high school STEM teachers in bringing climate science concepts into their teaching. Climate science is intensely interdisciplinary, and therefore provides meaningful examples of disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and cross-cutting themes that can enliven courses on a wide range of subjects.

In this workshop, Northwestern earth scientists who conduct diverse field, lab and computational climate research will:

(a) provide an overview and Q&A regarding current scientific knowledge of climate change,

(b) share the questions and methods they focus on in their research,

(c) bring their research to life through active engagement and hands-on activities, and

(d) work in small groups with participants to develop climate-focused classroom activities that address Next Generation Science Standards for a wide range of STEM courses, including but not limited to biology, chemistry, and physics.

Dr. Yarrow Axford, Northwestern University Associate Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, will lead the workshop. She is a geologist who has worked in the Arctic for twenty years reconstructing past climate change.

This workshop is the first of a series of researcher-teacher events designed to provide ongoing interactions with Northwestern scientists and sustained support for integrating climate science into high school courses.

Workshop conveners:

Dr. Yarrow Axford, Associate Professor, Dept. of Earth & Planetary Sciences, NWU

Dr. Amy Pratt, Asst. Dean for Community Education Partnerships, OCEP, SESP, NWU

Aida Awad, Workshop Facilitator, Broward College