T.H.E. 2018 Corporate Wellness Panel

Below is the video recording of the Corporate Wellness Panel held on May 11, 2018 at the University of Texas Club. Please feel free to CLICK HERE to contact Derrick White at Total Health Evolution to inquire about establishing a workplace wellness program at your company or organization.

Speakers, Content & Time Stamps

Jeff Quade | jeff_quade@sbcglobal.net

Founder & Principal, Optimum Humantix Consulting

Presentation begins at 3:07

Jeff speaks on the benefits of a corporate wellness program from the HR perspective. He addresses areas such as: recruiting quality candidates, reducing sick days, improving workplace morale, and reducing insurance premiums.

Dr. Eileen Nehme | enehme@utsystem.edu

Director, Texas Health Improvement Network

Presentation begins at 11:02

Dr. Nehme goes into detail about how physical activity can reduce or improve chronic conditions which can heavily impact a company's workforce. She gives examples of basic fitness programs employers can implement to keep their staff healthy.

Ryan Coplon | ryan@echelonrisk.com

President of Risk Strategy, Echelon Advisors

Presentation begins at 17:50

Ryan uses his experience as an Insurance Broker to illustrate the financial benefits of including a Corporate Wellness Program. He helps quantify the cost - benefits comparison of a company's insurance expenses before and after the incorporation of a wellness program.

Jamie Adair | jamieadairyoga@gmail.com

Yoga Instructor

Presentation begins at 26:30

Jamie covers how using yoga can help workers minimize stress and improve productivity in the workplace. As an Engineer, Jamie understands the typical stress accompanying the demands of Corporate America. She details the benefits of a regular yoga class or meditation period.

Derrick White | derrick@totalhealthevolution.com

Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Total Health Evolution

Presentation begins at 31:08

Regular employee participation is the key ingredient to getting the most out of any wellness program and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Derrick explains why some companies feel their wellness programs are ineffective and offers ways to maximize participation.