Takeshi NAGATA


Filmmaker, creative duo “TOCHKA” that formed by Nagata Takeshi and Monno Kazue since 1998. Invented a method of making animation called “PiKA PiKA”, which is the combination of long exposure photograph and stop motion animation technique. It enables everyone to make animation with drawings by penlights in the air. Area of activity is from experimental animations to contemporary art.


  • a CG director, Anime-production UFOTABLE, Tokyo 2001-2004

Worked as a CG director of TV animation programs and TV games. Representative work “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”

  • Freelance animation designer, Tokyo — 2005-2007

Representative work is KONAMI’s “Metal Gear Solid” PSP Series

  • An Associate Professor — Spring 2007 - Present

Worked at Osaka Electro-Communication University Faculty of Information Science and Arts Department of Digital Games

  • An University lecturer — Spring 2009 - 2017

lectured filming, animation and composting at Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Department of Media arts Video and Media arts course


Kyoto College of Art, Japan. - Associate degree, 2001 / Department of Media arts, Video and Media arts course

Nationality : Japan