I learning activity

The first learning activity was 14-20 january in Rosarno, Italy.

The participants of the project worked in the international groups (4 students each group: Estonian, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian) solving non-routine math problems, and presenting the results of the group-work. The students supported each other in the process of learning, they developed the basic work-group skills choosing their leader in a very autonomous and democratic way, in accordance with the real spirit of the project, and showing interest.

Moreover, students used the different methods to solve the problems: some solved them with a progressive method, others used another procedure, both results were correct!

The students were well balanced: the best ones supported the weakest in a cooperative learning strategy in which everybody played a role inside the group and cooperated to get the best results. The students' final step was to discuss the results in front of everybody showing a performing critical and independent approach and overcoming their weaknesses, if any.

Activity in Rosarno school

Testing Module I tasks with the10 the grade