10:45 Start of login / Estonian time (GMT+3)

10:55 Conference opening

11:00 Katja Derr and Miriam Weigel “University preparation with STACK: what works in web-based self-study environments (and what doesn’t)”

11:15 Ömer Genc “STACK for mathematics in engineering: concepts and effects for teachers and students”

11:30 Sam Fearn “One year of STACK”

11:45 Oksana Labanova and Elena Safiulina “STACK: stages of the process through the beginner's experience”

12:00 Sophie Kröger and Paul Schwarz “Using STACK with Moodle in the Physics Laboratory to review the results of student experiments and their evaluation”

12:15 Markus Orthaber “First experiences using STACK for complex problems in Engineering Mechanics”

12:30 Mike Altieri, Jörg Horst, Michael Kallweit, Karin Landenfeldt and Malte Persike “Multi-step procedures in STACK tasks with adaptive flow control”

12:45 Break

13:15 Stephan Bach “Using multiple choice questions (MCQ) in STACK – reasons and examples”

13:30 Stefan Koospal “Scalable MaximaPool with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes”

13:45 Filomena Soares, Ana Paula Lopes, Ken Brown, Anne Uukkivi, Elena Safiulina, Anna Cellmer, Cristina Feniser, Carolina Rebollar, Concepón Varela, Eugenio Bravo, Gerry Kelly, Javier Bilbao, Joanna Cymerman, Olatz García, Oksana Labanova, Vlad Bocanet, Errol Martin, Florina Serdean, Igor Kierkosz, Volodymyr Sushch ”Using STACK to promote random questions in Practice Moodle Quizzes”

13:52 Vladimir A. Tomilenko, Elena G. Lazareva and Irina G. Ustinova "Collaboration to use STACK at the universities of Tomsk"

13:59 Helena Barbas “MINTFIT - the Hamburg Online Math Test and Stack”

14:06 Anja Bird “Bundling Efforts – How to offer quizzes as a service for lecturers”

14:13 Kevin Schmitt “Digital support for physics service lectures”

14:20 Chris Sangwin "Announcing STACK v4.3"

Conference closing