My Family

My Mom

My mom is a great mom! She is 48 years old and she is a school teacher. My mom loves to cook for fun and also loves to go shopping. My mom is a very loving and caring person and only wants to see me happy. She always comes to every single one of my games and encourages me to always stay on the right path.

My Dad

If you want to know about the best dad in the whole entire world that's my dad. Not kidding it's the truth okay. His name is Raymond. He is 43 years old.He works as a lawyer, but also used to do construction like building houses and apartments. My dad has been working since he was 7 to 8 years old and he enjoyed to study and always learn new things. For fun my dad loves to go golfing!

My Brother

My brother is the best brother you can ever have. His name is Miguel. He is 18 years old and he loves to play a lot of different sports like football, but his favorite sport is soccer . He always makes me feel better if I am having a bad day. We also fight a lot at times, but we always end up laughing at what we say or do sometimes at the end of the day. No matter what he's will always be my best brother. I'm so jealous because he has green eyes and I don't but that's okay because I still love him.

My Sister

My sister and me are very close and we have been ever since I can remember. We do everything together and some people even say we look like twins. She is 15 years old and she goes to Hoover High School. She is also a cheerleader and loves to play sports like volleyball. My sister is always there when I need her and I can always tell her anything. She is great at keeping secrets and that's something I really admire about her.

Check out A Picture of My House

This is a picture of my home I got off of Google Maps. Me, my mom, dad, brother, and sister all live here. What I really like about my house is that we have a pool which is nice when it gets hot in the summer. What I don't like is how I have to share a bathroom with my brothers and sisters. I love playing video games at home in my room because its my time away from everything. As a family we always go to do family night at Me N Eds's pizza which is really fun because its nice to spend time together.

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