Utah and U.S. History

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History is our story - it is the story of US. It tells us who we are and where we have been. It helps us understand people and society. History is both beautiful and messy - but it defines who we are.

"History is the depository of great actions, the witness of what is past, the example and instructor of the present, and monitor to the future."

~Miguel Cervantes, Spanish Author, Playwright and Poet

**Important Information to Know: **

7th and 8th Grades:

NHD History Fair was a huge success. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

Here are the results:

Finalists chosen by judges for the Cache/Box Elder Regional Competition at Utah State University in March:

    • Group Projects:
      • Max Maile and Jake Alles: The Franklin Expedition: Claiming the Northwest Passage
      • Deborah Lopez, Lancy Martinez, and Giselle Ayala: Si Se Puede! Cesar Chavez: A Migrant Activist
    • Individual Exhibit:
      • Jane Paulsen: Topaz Japanese Internment Camp: Finding Hope Through a Tragic Circumstance
      • Ben Paulsen: Topaz Japanese Internment Camp: Finding Hope Through a Tragic Circumstance
      • Julia Howe: Ignaz Semmelweis: Father Of Infection Control
      • Trevor Topham: February 20, 1962: How John Glenn's Flight in the Friendship 7 Impacted America's Space Program
      • Eliza Jane Alredge: The Rockford Peaches
      • Zeeli Holm: Wet or Dry: the U.S. Prohibition of 1920
      • Ashlyn Bair: Polio: A Nationwide Battle
      • Sarah Woodland: Impressionism
      • Clark Campbell: Hiroshima: The Triumph and Devastation of Atomic Warfare
  • Websites:
    • Eli Ashcroft: Within the Rubble; The New London School Explosion
    • Lydia Bohm: Florence Nightingale: More than just Lady of the Lamp
    • Barek Davis: The Contraband Camps
  • Performance:
    • Gracyn Killpack: Michael Jackson
    • Quinn Brummer: The Bolshevik Revolution: An Infamous Reformation

Special Awards:

  • For Creativity:
    • Rhett Fuller: The Atomic Bomb
  • For An Excellent Interview:
    • JC Espino: The Nuremberg Trials: Road To Justice
  • For a Western History Topic:
    • Jared Hochstrasser: The Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire: Triumph Brought from Tragedy
  • For a Conflict in History:
    • Jeffrey Richter: The Islamic Invasion of Spain
  • For an International Conflict:
    • Thomas Barney: Blood Diamonds
  • For a Unique Topic:
    • Kassidy and Natalie Alberto: The 100 Hour Futbol War
  • For a Triumph or Tragedy for a Group:
    • Holly Pirtle: The Doolittle Raid
  • For Women's History:
    • Celeste Briggs: Jackie Cochran: A Flying Wonder
  • For Pop Culture:
    • Carter Thies: How MacDonald's Became the Mainstream
  • For Tragic Event in History:
    • Will Sagers: Out of the Ashes: London Fire of 1666

8th grade- you have a test on Planting Colonies on Tuesday! Remember to study!

Something helpful to note:

· There is ALWAYS homework Monday through Thursday.

· In general, math will be the bulk of the homework time but there is some homework in most every class.

· Budgeting time helps with longer assignments/projects

· Parents: If they say they have “no homework” – CHECK to see if it is done, CHECK the planners. They can always study for upcoming tests, work on future projects or read from their literature books. They will always have something on which they can work.

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