Math II

Welcome to Math II

Math II is a High School Level course taught to the guidelines provided by the Diocese of Raleigh and in accordance with the North Carolina description of instruction for this course.

It is my intent to provide a high level of instruction to prepare the student to move directly into the Math III courses offered by the local high schools in the area.

I will bring into play in my instruction methods many practical examples of how the material is used within the world and why it is important to know certain parts of the material as they progress further in their schooling.

My background is as an engineer of over 38 years of experience in dealing with diesel and aircraft engines in many different roles. My last role was a Product Design Engineer where I had to make decisions on the acceptance of aircraft engine parts for use. I had over 22 years of creating programs for automatic measurement of complex geometrical shapes on a variety of aircraft parts as well of the management of the people associated with this work.