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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide apps that will help to improve your experience in the sport of wrestling. Our apps are designed to help the athlete, parents, and fans. We are consistently working on enhancing our products and look forward to providing the wrestling community with apps that promote growth as individuals and competitors.

As you begin your story, let us help you to improve your competitive edge by using our products to reflect and evaluate match performance using match data collected with our stat apps or by connecting you to an off-season opportunity to develop your skills and abilities.

THE mOP bUCKET tEAM eDITION- First Edition

THE MOP BUCKET TEAM EDITION- First Release will be after the Holidays

It's almost 2019 and we have been working on completing our first team edition of our Wrestling Stat Program. It has been a lot of work and we are excited to be putting it out shortly. If we can complete a few final adjustments before December 23, we will have it out on the Apple App Store. If we are unable to submit it before the 23 the release will not be until till after the 27th due to set times by Apple over the holidays for submission. At this time we will only be releasing it out on Apple. Following the release we will be putting video instructions on YouTube.

We hope that you like our program and we will be working to provide the wrestling community more apps to use.

The Mop Bucket Individual Stat App

Our 2018 edition is designed for anyone who is interested in keeping track of their personal wrestling stats. At this time we offer an individual stat program designed for the athlete and parent. It is available on the google play store and the apple app store. Our app is ad free at this time.

We provide some video training for anyone who would like a brief overview of our product. Good Luck on the mat!

The Mop Bucket 2 -

We are excited to say we have just published our second edition of The Mop Bucket App on the Apple App Store.

Changes include:

  • New wrestler profile interface (the program is designed solely for one wrestler now)
  • Adjustment to the record sheet to include actual weigh-in
  • Fixes to help prevent some unexpected adds to total loses
  • Added Tournament Finishes
  • Ability to select red or green on score sheet
  • Record sheet has two options one designed to see all 50 matches and one design to have two pages for printing from screen shots using cloud print such as google cloud print.
  • We are also implementing season stats into the app as of right now it is real basic but working on different options hopefully to be out in the next month.
  • We are also working on putting some video's up to show how to use it. The one we have now is for the original Mop Bucket App.

The Off-Season Wrestling App-

Our Newest Edition to the apps we offer!

We have tried to create an app together for those that are looking to find information about off season wrestling whether looking for a tournament or looking for a summer camp this app is meant to make it easy and painless for you to find the information quickly. Definitely a must have for those that do not know where to look.

This is a relatively new app and we are working at updating the information as we find it our as it is given to us. If someone is interested in having us put information in the app please email it to us at We hope that you find this app beneficial.

The Mop Bucket - Changes on the app stores

On the App Store we have replaced the original mop bucket with "The Mop Bucket 2" It is still listed as "The Mop Bucket" but it is our most up to date version.

In Google Play it is still the same older version and has not been updated yet. We will let you know when that happens.

Introduction Video - Basics of Individual Stat Program

Stay up to date with what we are doing by checking out our releases on our release page.