We are a vibrant network taking a stand for all people. We fight for justice and against oppression. We will build a better future.


The HUB for Progress started in 2017 as a loosely-knit network of progressive organizations in the area. The goal was to increase communication, coordination and support for both electoral and social movement building activities.  Over the years the HUB has continued to build the progressive movement locally and regionally as a multi-county, multi-issue alliance. The focus remains on self-care of the movement, electoral power, community organizing around issues and training on effective protest and resistance.


Jordi Comas, MA, PHD

Jordi Comas weaves networks, wrangles ideas, writes content, and develops training and learning experiences.  Jordi has co-founded or founded many grassroots organizations, starting as a peace activist as a student. That passion for what people fused with a vision of a better world led him to a career including forming a social enterprise, directing a non-profit, campaign consulting, scholarship and classroom teaching for more than 25 years. As a scholar, he specializes in how networks and organizations form the infrastructure for innovation and collective action. He has been an elected borough council member since 2018 for Lewisburg. He is the co-producer for the podcast and media company Barnstorming PA. Currently he is also the canvass and training director for Action Together NEPA. 

“The arc of the moral universe may bend towards justice, but not on its own.  That’s where we come in.  Time to start tugging on it.”

Penn Garvin

Penn Garvin is a long-time community activist and organizer who has worked in the field of organizational development and mediation. She has trained people in civil disobedience and participated in many social movement campaigns. She was a founding member of the HUB for Progress and continues to be one of the HUB Facilitators. Her focus is on training and building a strong progressive movement in our area.


Michael Heyd

Mike Heyd is a former medical librarian and hospital educator who has forgone many of the pleasures of retirement to mitigating the twin scourges of Trumpism and COVID-19. Except for his college and grad-school years, he is a lifelong resident of Lycoming County and remains appalled by its populist political climate. His interests are manifold; his passions include equality, fair play, civil rights, climate change, and government of, by, and for the people. Happiest behind the scenes, he applies his years of experience as a writer and editor to producing the Broadsheet newsletter.


Jay Grandis

Jay Grandis is an Organizing Associate for We The People-PA. He is a long-time advocate, activist, and public speaker for LGBTQ+ issues, harm reduction, HIV, and racial justice issues. Jay comes from a background of grassroots community organizing and has co-founded a few non-profit community organizations. Having learned many lessons about the power of advocacy, teamwork, and networking throughout north-central Pennsylvania, Jay is proud to be a HUB for Progress facilitator and trainer. Jay fights for diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging in any team situation. 

Jessica Brittain

Jessica Steward Brittain is a dedicated advocate working for a more progressive Pennsylvania. She has worked as a women’s reproductive healthcare advocate in NEPA. She has also served as the president of Action Together NEPA, a regional progressive grassroots organization.


Kristin Volchansky

Kristin Volchansky is the Political & Advocacy Organizer for Action Together NEPA, a grassroots progressive organization in Northeastern PA. She has done electoral work in both central PA and the Lehigh Valley. She has also had significant experience with communications and advocacy work as an organizer for the Hub for Progress, Our Revolution PA, and One Payer States.