Hosting Your Event

Do you want to hit the road with your group of nontraditional learners? We are not your ordinary roadschooling field trip! We are passionate about building teams and bridging communities. If you care about the environment and enjoy traveling with kids, this is the nonprofit for you. 

We take care of everything except accommodations. You can pick your favorite place to stay, or make it an adventure and camp under the stars. 🌠 Our road trips are ussually 3 days and 2 nights, filled with race events, eco-adventure activities, swag bags loaded with personalized goodies, event tickets, and most meals. 😋Hosting entitles you to 1 Driver Ticket or 1 Roadies/Tagalongs TIcket in exchange for helping us organize your group. 

This year we have "Pre-Planned" Homechool Family Road Trips ready for your customization: 

You can make any changes and 🛌accomodations, as needed to make your group adventure the best one ever! We are also open to discussing a journey not mentioned in our archives. Please note, we can only book 6 in-Florida trips & 3 out-of-Florida trips per year, so please consider advanced planning. 

Our family-friendly, educational eco-adventures and learning event programs💵 are always $1 USD per mile.

Reach out to Trish or Angel at or find us on our socials using keywords #PermissionlessPeripatetics or #Miles4theMinds 

Let's goooo, and get roadschoolin' today!