Think Small.

The Bregant House. 

Some called it "the doll house."  Built specifically to accommodate the physical stature of its occupants, the fireplace mantle was to other people about waist-high.  The china cabinet, light switches, doorknobs, windows, bathtub, thermostat and other features were also scaled down. The house at 517 Fourth Street in Council Bluffs was built for Jean and Inez Bregant, who were respectively 45 and 42 inches tall.

In 1908, Jean and Inez purchased the parcel of land south of Inez’ parents home, and in 1911, the construction began on their home. The home was completed in 1912 and was custom built to fulfill their needs. Jean died in 1944 and Inez lived in the house another 25 years until her death in 1969.

The living room features original oak flooring and a fireplace mantel that would be waist-high for the average adult.  Flanking the fireplace are low, built-in benches.  The bench on the left camouflages the air return, while the right side’s seat opens and serves as a firewood storage box.  On either side of the chimney, there is a beveled, leaded glass window and the south wall of the living room features a beveled, leaded glass “piano window”.  On the front of the house, there are additional windows featuring both beveled, leaded glass and others with a decorative wood, in a similar style.

517 S. Fourth Street, Council Bluffs, Iowa  

Admission: $5

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