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Hello everyone, this is the final publication for the CAWEs and Effect science website. If a student would like to continue this project into the next school year as their senior project, then please email Sophia at or Ms. O’Brien at tina.o’ for more information. Thanks for reading and enjoying the website!

Environmental Symposium

The Environmental Symposium was a major success with around 80 viewers who came from the community to learn about the environment! You can learn more about how the event went by going to the Environmental Club page under Clubs & Electives.

Spring Planting Day

Students in Environmental Club got together to plant saplings and plants onto a plot of land on the Farm Campus for a spring planting day, with the courtesy of PTG. They put in more than 20 trees and plants with the intention of making Grove beautiful and increasing the amount of oxygen that goes into the air. Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered their time!

New Lambs on the Farm

Beatrice the sheep has given birth to two new lambs! You can learn more about them in the Sustainable Agriculture Elective under Clubs & Electives.

Vegetarian Incentive Program

The Environmental Club has been working on improving the Vegetarian Incentive Program which encourages the community to order vegetarian over meat lunches. This has been a major success, with over 50% of students who order lunch choosing the vegetarian option! How it works is that if you order vegetarian, you can ask for a ticket on which you can then write your name on, and then put your ticket in a jar. Periodically, a name is drawn from the jar, and the student whose name is chosen receives a prize!

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