High School Counseling

I'm Katherine Becker, LCMHCA

School counselor for grades 9 - 12

Office phone: 828.575.5518 (voicemails will forward to email on days I'm working offsite)

A note about confidentiality in a virtual school setting

Whether we’re communicating by email, phone, or video, the same “rules” apply for confidentiality -- I won’t share anything you tell me unless you or someone else is potentially in danger. Please understand that while I will always do everything I can to protect your privacy, when we’re not face to face in my office, confidentiality can’t always be 100% guaranteed in the same way as a closed, in-person conversation. Together we’ll do our best to navigate that as best we can.

Things that can help you feel more comfortable talking with me when you're at home, or in a non-private setting: Find a secluded spot, indoors or outdoors, and use headphones with a microphone if possible. A white noise machine (to cover up the sounds of our conversation) can also help - you can find white noise videos on YouTube and use your phone as a makeshift white noise machine!

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1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Text HOME to 741741