Close Reading

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Three-Year Goal:

By 2020 all students will be able to access complex texts and tasks to critically analyze information in order to take a stance, develop a coherent written evidence-based argument, and communicate with confidence and conviction at or above grade-level.

Close Reading Defined:

An investigation of a short piece of text, with multiple readings done over multiple instructional lessons. Through text dependent questions and discussion students are able to analyze and uncover various aspects of the text.

Text Complexity

We will use the Common Core's "Three-Part Model" in order to determine the complexity of a given text:

Input Trainings

District Priorities - Staff Overview
Close Reading Initial Training - SY17
CoPL - Text Annotation PD
TDQ Session

4 Phases of close reading

Each classroom should use these posters as a guide but remake them with your students using grade-appropriate vocabulary.

4 Phases of Close Reading - Math.pdf