The Circuit Gym Group Information

Hello and thank you for choosing The Circuit Bouldering Gym to host your group!

To make the most of your visit and allow for a streamlined check in process, make sure you've read and fully understood the information below.

Your visit and future visits may be forfeit if you do not follow our instructions.


Please make sure you’ve confirmed your visit by either emailing or, ideally 2 weeks before your visit. Anything less than 2 weeks we won't be able to guarantee a reservation.


  1. The chosen Circuit Gym Location (NE Portland, SW Portland, Tigard)
  2. Date and time of your group visit.
  3. The number of participants, age ranges, and number chaperones in your group.

If you've booked a birthday party through our reservation site, no additional emails are required. However we still require you to read and understand the information below.

Waivers *REQUIRED*

Any person entering our facilities, whether they are climbing or not, are required to have a waiver on file. This includes spectators, supervisors, and chaperones.

Each individual must have their own waiver on file. All minors must have the waiver filled out by the parent or court appointed guardian. Waivers signed by guardian of the day, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. will NOT be accepted. Documentation may be asked for verification.

We can provide a hard copy of our waiver, however we do prefer groups to use our online based waiver which can be found at then by clicking “SIGN YOUR WAIVER”.


Supervision and Group Size Requirements

The Circuit requires all groups to maintain a 1:4 chaperone/supervisor ratio, adult to child. Supervisors and chaperones need to be 18 years or older. All supervisors and chaperones are also required to read our safety pamphlets below. For groups with children 3 years or younger, we recommend a ratio of 1:2, adult to child.

We expect all chaperones to enforce our gym rules with any minor under their supervision. We also ask that while chaperones are supervising a group of minors to only allow 1 child to climb at a time to ensure adequate supervision.

If you want us to take the reigns, The Circuit does offer private instruction at an hourly rate and must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance, see below for more information.

For safety and capacity reasons we do have restrictions on the size of groups we allow at each location. When your group inquires about a reservation please include the number of participants so we can help guide you on our requirements.

Gym Rules and Etiquette

Gym Etiquette

  • Be aware of your surroundings, make sure you are constantly looking up, down, and around to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Treat walking around the gym like a busy street. For younger children, we recommend parents escort them by holding hands or forming a conga line of sorts.
  • Take turns with the other climbers around you. Everyone wants a turn. Sharing is caring!
  • Keep your chalk contained, don't make chalk clouds. We all like breathing.
  • Only give advice when asked. Don't spray beta. Some people like the puzzle.
  • Keep shouting and grunting to a minimum. But we get it, sometimes the excitement can't be contained.
  • Be a conscientious climber. Keep your shirt on Rambo and avoid bragging.
  • Be nice, be humble, be clean. Respect will get you far.

Private Instruction

If you’re interested in having The Circuit provide private instruction, please email The Circuit charges an instructional hourly rate to acquire these services to supervise and instruct your group. We request a 2 week notice to schedule private instruction, we may be able to accommodate groups with less time, however for scheduling purposes this may not be feasible.

Pricing and Rates

Groups with 8 or more people purchasing day passes will receive a 20% discount applied to their day pass purchases, this discount does not extend to any rental equipment or retail items. Visit our rates page for our pricing.

If you're visiting from an affiliated group or school, please email to schedule your visit and so that we can invoice you appropriately.

Rental Space

We also offer the opportunity to reserve a rental space for $50 an hour. We'll supply the tables, chairs, and tablecloths. Reservations need to be made at least 2 weeks before your planned visit to give us enough time to schedule it. Anything less than 2 weeks and we will not guarantee space will be available.


If you are worried about parking, please feel free to give us a call, we'll be more than happy to direct you.

Please visit for more information on our gyms and programs, or by emailing .