Bedonwell federation  newsletter 

Updates from each year group 


In Nursery we have been learning about: 

Lunar new year: making lanterns and rabbits, we then  made repeating patterns to hang in our restaurant, we learned how to use chop sticks.

Expressive art and design: we are exploring different textures, patterns and prints - see image with green paint and rolling pin.

We were learning how to be story tellers and can use different voices for the 3 bears. We can tell the story using language : Once upon a time/ the end and use repeated refrains "Who's been sitting in my chair"  and immersed our senses by making porridge.

This term we are learning the story of the Gingerbread Man, learning about the ingredients and how to make the dough.  Soon we will be learning about seasonal changes, exploring the nursery garden to observe changes as spring blooms and blossoms. 


YR are learning about real life heroes in our community. 

We are exploring different occupations and the people that help us in an emergency such as police officers, paramedics, doctors, fire fighters; challenging stereotypes and talking about the jobs that the children may like in the future. 

Through stories and role pay we are also learning about other people in the wider community that help us such as plumbers, electricians, crossing patrol and highways maintenance staff.  We have been linking many aspects of this to keeping safe on the road and knowing who to go to for help. 

We are continuing to develop our understanding of the natural world through our Forest School sessions and are making observations of seasonal changes, as spring is starting to blossom around us. Our teamwork skills are being developed through working together to use buckets and pulleys, we are learning about capacity and improving our resilience and co-ordination through climbing trees, learning what our safe limits are and encouraging each other to try new things. 

Year 1 

During February, Year 1 have been learning lots of new things!

In English, the children have been writing their own warning tales based around the story of ‘Paddington at the Circus’. They have particularly been focusing on character description.

In phonics, we have learnt lots of new phase 5 grapheme-phoneme correspondence (GPCs) and been recapping our previous phonic learning.

In science, the year 1 children have been exploring their five senses.

In history, we have started learning about Queens from the past including Queen Elizabeth I.

In geography, we have been looking at countries around the world including France, China and Australia.

Recently, we have also participated in a drama workshop called “Roar like a Ringmaster” and had a fantastic time performing circus tricks in our amazing SPLATs workshops.

Year 2 

Year 1 &  2 took part in a drama workshop this term! The session was an introduction to dance and the performing arts. These workshops are sponsored by Perform - the UK's leading provider of drama, dance and singing workshops for 4-12 year olds. Every child who had attended a Perform4ALL session received a flyer.

This half term’s year 2 play leaders are:

Nile: Leon and Sky

Amazon: Oscar and Lily

Danube: Rory and Folan

Thames: Archie and Phoebe

Extra Curricular Activities:

Please keep sending photos in of any clubs your child attends so they can earn house points for their team and their photo will be displayed to encourage others to be more active outside school! 

Year 3 

In Year 3 for our English unit, we are writing suspense stories and learning how to create suspense and tension for the reader. 

The children are also enjoying their History topic about Ancient Civilisations where they are looking at the locations and different writing and number systems that were used in each civilisation. 

In Geography, our key question is 'Where does our food come from?' and is all about how food travels around the world and how certain foods go on a journey to reach us here in the UK. 

In French, the children are learning how to say the names of different fruits and which ones are their favourites. 

This half term, the children will also be making some healthy pizzas in DT and continuing to improve their sketching skills in art!

Year 4 

​In English, we are currently working on our persuasive letter writing unit. 

Within history we are currently learning about the Romans, most recently looking at Boudica's revolt. We will also be linking this to art, after recently creating Roman helmets, children will next be looking at creating a Roman mosaic. 

During French lessons this half term, we will be looking at classroom objects and commands. 

Geography is looking at village settlers and researching the meanings behind the names of towns, eventually leading to children designing their own villages based on geographical locations. 

Finally, in our RE lessons, the overarching question is "why do some people think life is a journey?"

Year 5 

Currently in History, Year 5 are learning about the Mayans. In the last lesson we looked at religion and beliefs. We will be looking at everyday life and organisation in the next lesson and later finding out the decline and fall of the Mayan cilvilisation.

In English, Year 5 have been looking at the different features of a fear story. They have watched a few clips from well known films and focused on how we know someone is scared/worried without telling the reader. 

In RE, we have been discussing 'if God is everywhere, why do we go to a place to worship?' and learning about different religions and their places of worship, such as Christians- Church, Sikh- Gurdawara, Jewish- Synagogue and Hindu- Mandir.

In art, we have been looking at the artist, Andy Warhol, who is famous for creating 'pop art'. We will be creating our own 'pop art' and have all created a class pop art piece of ice creams!

Year 6 

This half term, Year 6 will continue with their learning of WWII during history and English. We will focus on the evacuation and blitz which will lead up to an exciting WWII day at the end of March. 

Linked to this topic, pupils will be creating clay sculptures during art and deciphering codes in computing. 

In science, our topic is 'electricity' where pupils will be investigating with electrical circuits. We are also looking forward to our forthcoming science week which provides an opportunity for pupils to undertake fun investigations and to present their own research about a scientist. 

Attendance In February 

Bedonwell Junior school current attendance for January is 94% 

Bedonwell Infant school current attendance for January is 94% 

Our target this year is 96%, will you help us reach it?

Each week in our celebration assembly a class from the Juniors and Infants win the Bedonwell attendance cups, the winning class each week get the reward of an additional Golden Time. Will your class be the next winners?

February winners 


WB 30.1.23 = Sandstone 4 98.6%

WB 6.2.23 = Granite 4  97.2% 

WB 20.2.23 = Colorado 6 98.9%  

WB 27.2.23  =  Marble 97.8% 


WB 6.2.23 = Mercury 1 100% 

WB 20.2.23 = Saturn 1 and Danube 2 99% 

WB 27.2.23 = Earth 1 97.5% 

Well done to each of the classes who have had the best attendance on the weeks above!  

Always award winners 

Every week children who follow our Golden Values in Bedonwell are celebrated by achieving the Always Award! The children who receive the award have really impressed their class teacher by showing as many of our seven Golden Values which include:

Manners, Respect, Teamwork, Stickability, Honesty, Kindness, Calmness. 

They can be awarded the 'Always Award' four times throughout the year starting with the Bronze Always Award, then Silver Always Award, then Gold Aways Award and building up to the Platinum Always Award!

Bedonwell school's Golden Values: 

FOBS News 

FOBS has had a fun February! Year 3 enjoyed their first Junior disco and we got to see some great dance moves! Thank you to all our parent and teacher helpers for making it possible. We hope your children had fun!

During the February half term, FOBS Committee members joined Miss Buss and Miss Fisher painting fences and furniture in the nursery garden- the transformation was incredible! More painting is needed, so if you are able to offer your help, please contact a member of FOBS or email .

FOBS also ran a collection for World Book Day outfits.  A massive thank you to all those who donated to us, it is very much appreciated. We are now collecting any donations ready for WBD  2024 so please bring any donations to the Bedonwell Centre and we will collect from there.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

FOBS Committee

Calender dates: 

Friday 31st March - end of Spring term

Monday 3rd April - Friday 14th April - Easter holidays - school closed

Monday 17th April - Summer term begins - children return to school

Monday 1st May - bank holiday - school closed

Monday 8th May - bank holiday - school closed

Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June - half-term - school closed

Friday 21st July - last day of summer term

Monday 24th July - Thursday 31st August - summer holidays

Friday 1st September and Monday 4th September - inset days - school closed to pupils

Tuesday 5th September - years 1 to year 6 return to school (Reception and Nursery to be advised separately)

Girls'  football team 

On the 21st February the girls' football team continued their amazing run in their league where they played their next three games. They all played brilliantly and won 2 of their 3 games on the night.  

The scores were: 

Bedonwell 2-0 Hurst Primary School 

Bedonwell 1-3 St Thomas More Primary School 

Bedonwell 3-0 Belvedere Junior School. 

Mr White was incredibly proud of the performances from the whole team and said they were unlucky in their defeat to St Thomas Moore as they played extremly well! - check out the picture below of the girls team in action. 

Girls tag Rugby. 

Mr White and Mr Burton, took some of the year 5 girls for a tag Rugby tournament on Friday 24th February. The girls were great and really enjoyed the tag rugby games and playing some mini games of tag rugby against other schools! 

Number Day! Friday 3rd February 

The children and staff really enjoyed number day on Friday 3rd February. Children got to take part in some fun and exciting maths games and investigations in their maths lessons as well as dressing up in a maths themed costume. 

The costumes were brilliant across the Infant and Junior schools and a winner was selected from each year group who won a special prize. Some of the winning costumes can be seen in the photos below.  

 Money was also raised to support the NSPCC for all the work that they do in supporting children across the U.K.

The winners were: 

Reception: Lucas (Angel class) 

Year 1: Tallulah (Jupiter class) 

Year 2: Xander (Thames class) 

Year 3: Isla D (Pacific class) and Annalise (Pacific class) 

Year 4: Gracie (Granite)

Year 5: Saran (Everest) 

Year 6: Amelie (Sahara)  

Bedonwell School Councils  

Both of our school councils have been extremely busy so far this term, Below are some of the activities they have been working on: 


EYFS school council have organised “Wear red” day for Comic relief.  They have also compiled a letter to send to local garden centres regarding the setting up of the school council garden.


School council have been focusing on lunchtimes and menu's so far. They have met with Mrs Foster and Ms Grey (catering company) to discuss how we can improve lunchtimes and what they like about school lunches. They used this information from the previous smart school council question that KS2 answered. We will be thinking of some new themes and meal options together at the next school council meeting. They have also been thinking about ideas to raise money for comic relief which will be on the 17th March. 

Forest School!

Check out the images of our Forest School area in KS1! The Nursery and Reception classes absolutley love the area and are really enjoying their outdoor learning! 

Turkey/Syria Earthquake Aid Appeal

Thank you so much to everyone who very kindly donated to the Turkey/Syria earthquake aid appeal that was set up, you have all been so kind and so unbelievably generous. 

Just to update you all as to where all your wonderful donations are now, we managed to collect, sort and package everything and thanks to the amazing generosity of Turkish Airlines who very kindly made a free of charge courtesy flight available for us from London Heathrow Airport, all your donations have now safely arrived in Turkey and are ready to be distributed to all those in desperate need of them. 

All your donations are now making a huge difference so thank you!


The Bedonwell Federation has our own Twitter page, this page is updated on a regular basis with a range of different events, activities and amazing work the children across our school produce every day! If you have Twitter, please give us a follow and like and retweet the posts on our wall. 

The link to our Twitter page is below: 

Bedonwell's Twitter

We also have a twitter page for KS2 art club and KS2 football clubs. There links are below: 

Bedonwell's football Twitter  

KS2's Art club Twitter page  

Children's university Update: 

Our Bedonwell CU pupils have been busy earning lots of stamps this term by taking part in Number Day and Children’s Mental Health Day! Remember if your child attends extra curricular clubs outside school they can earn stamps too, just ask the person in charge for the stamp code and log your hours on to your online account! A Fun day is planned for the 22nd April (See flyer attached) All pupils are welcome! 

World Book Day! 

The children and staff go all dressed up for World Book Day on Friday 23rd March! There were some amazing costumes of lots of different book characters. 

Throughout the day the children enjoyed a range of different Book Day activities and also had time to read their books and share their books with others in their class. 

Year 3 children also enjoyed a book scavenger hunt and those children in Year 1 got to try out some delicious jam sandwiches taking inspiration from their current class book Paddington Bear. 

School Uniform reminder

Please see the guidance for school uniform below: 

PE kit reminder

For PE the children wear their PE kit for the whole school day on the day of their PE lesson (you will be notified which day/s these are). This has enabled pupils not only to receive maximum learning time for their PE lessons, but also a reduction in PE clothing being lost/misplaced.


PE kit expectations are:


The children will be expected to wear their grey school jumper or grey sweatshirt with grey shorts, joggers or leggings and will therefore remain in school colours on their PE day.


It is also essential that trainers worn on PE days are plain black as this will ensure consistency across the school with our uniform expectations.

All uniform mentioned above can be found at Boffins and Caseys, Links to their websites can be found below: 

Boffin's webpage 

Caseys Schoolwear webpage