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In light of upcoming changes to requirements for relationships and sex education (RSE), we have been consulting with parents, pupils and staff on how we can make sure that our updated RSE curriculum meets the new requirements as well as the needs of our pupils.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our new curriculum reflects:

  • Our pupils’ age and maturity levels, as well as their cultural and religious backgrounds

  • The values of our school community

  • Every pupil’s learning needs

  • What pupils need to know to be healthy and safe in school, in their personal relationships and in the wider world

We have now updated our RSE policy to include our proposed new curriculum.

You can access our draft policy via our main office or on our website, here.

We would like your feedback on the proposed curriculum and the wider policy.

You can submit your feedback by completing the short online survey for Primary or Secondary which can also be accessed through the school website.