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AgeTech is a $700 billion industry worldwide

We're creating a community to grow and inspire collaboration in ageing across Australia.

Our goal is to connect innovators, startups and consumers with care providers, researchers, governments and corporates to create collaborative solutions and tackle the issues associated with an ageing population.

Whether you're in the business, government or not-for-profit sector or a start-up or social enterprise, this community is for you.

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"At the core of this is putting ageing Australians front and centre in the conceptualisation and design of solutions."

Leonie Sanderson, Director, The Ageing Revolution and co-founder of AgeTech Australia

If you are a start-up

Showcase your startup at the Innovation Marketplace at our events. It is FREE to exhibit and you might just meet the right person to launch or grow your business.

If you are a business

Get access to innovative start-ups and connect with industry thought leaders at our events. For AgeTech Australia partnering opportunities, please contact us or visit our partner packages page for more information.

Are you over 55?

We want to hear from you! Consumer input and engagement is crucial to making solutions that are tailored to the user. AgeTech Australia wants over-55s to be part of the conversation. Sign up to be a member of our 55+ Experience 'shark-tank-style' Panel.

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Juan Polanco - iNovoTech

"Exhibiting at The AgeTech Symposium allow us to met ACIC - Australia China Innovation Centre, and together we are actively exploring opportunities to provide mass manufacturing services and access to the Chinese market for technologies developed by us for our Australian customers "

Maree Beare - Wanngi

"The AgeTech symposium provided an opportunity to demonstrate to corporates, startups and individuals who were either interested in using Wanngi, or looking to partner with us. One startup was very excited to learn that he could develop his wearables capability and partner with us on the consumer app view. "