Tauranga Girls' College

Curriculum Guide 2020

This site contains information about all subjects offered at Tauranga Girls’ College from Years 10 to 13.

The aim of this site is to provide information on the subjects available at Tauranga Girls' College. For each available subject there is the following information; a course description including, an indication of topics that will be covered; credits available in the subject; an indication of associated field trips and workshops and an indication of associated costs.

Some subjects contain recommended prior learning, so plan your course wisely. The recommended prior learning for subjects are stated below the subject information. A limited number of subjects have open entry. When choosing your subjects it is advisable to look ahead at the subject’s recommended prior learning required at all year levels.

If you are undecided on a career path then choose subjects which you enjoy and in which you can succeed.

  • Your subject teacher can tell you how well you are doing in a subject.
  • Your Whānau Teacher and your Dean monitor your progress through school and across all your subjects.
  • The Careers Advisor can help you to identify which subjects lead to certain career pathways.
  • Involve your caregivers in the course selection process
  • www.careers.govt.nz is a very helpful website site.

  • Career Services provides a HelpLine 0800 100 900 or you can chat to them online.

Subject selection will be available via the KAMAR portal:

Opens on Thursday 08 August 2019

Closes on Friday 13 September 2019 for Year 9 - Year 12 students

In order to deliver our courses in a way that adds value to your daughter's learning, you will see in this guide costs attached to course outlines. These costs are deemed reasonable and necessary in order to give your daughter access to opportunities and experiences both in and out of the classroom.

As a kura, we itemise course costs in two ways

1. Compulsory fees - any materials used to create "take home" products of learning.

2. Course related fees - any materials that are used in the delivery of the curriculum.

We kindly seek your support and donation towards these curriculum related costs and are extremely grateful for this.

Please note that the information provided to assist students in selecting subjects is up to date, at the time of publishing this guide. To meet students' needs and interest there maybe adjustments made to the standards offered in a particular course.