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Thanks For Watching has been up with our first episode airing February 6th, 2018. There have been guest cast members and regular cast members that have changed within that amount of time. We talk about movies. We just happen to love movies. We don't review films to say how much we hate them, we're about the craft and the hard work it takes to make these magical pictures. There may be a film we don't like and we will tell you all about it.

In the meantime, just kick back and enjoy a group of friends chat about their favorite films.

We've gone through some website redesigns making it so we don't have all the lists from every show. Don't worry, we didn't start all the lists until July 2018, so you're only missing out on a few. (That last sentence is all DJ's over positive thinking.)

DJ's Book, The NERDA In-Law, can be found here.

The Video Discussed on Episode 71: Excellent ArtMan