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My name is Jenny Shaw and I am your child’s professional school counselor. I believe in the whole child and meeting students where they are. I received my Master in Counseling from Oregon State University and my B.A. in Elementary Education from Central Washington University. Before I became the school counselor at Pillar Falls in 2016, I was a 5th grade teacher in the Jerome School district and prior to that, a 4th grade teacher in Washington State. I believe that all students can be successful in learning about their strengths and using those strengths to overcome issues they might be having. I enjoy working with students, teachers and families to help students become their very best.

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If you want to call me at school... 208-732-7570, ext. 5645... Monday, all day

As we continue our 2023/2024 school year, this is what each grade level will be learning for 2nd Quarter... 


For second quarter, Kindergarteners will learn about Empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling because you have been through a similar situation. When we have empathy for another person, we are more likely to know how to help them because we were helped in a similar fashion. Our students need to know how another person is feeling because of facial clues, body language clues, and situational clues. When we can show empathy toward another, we are also telling them how we went to be treated (hopefully with kindness and compassion). We will talk about identifying feelings, how to say "I'm sorry", and how to show compassion. 

First Grade

Our First Graders learned about Empathy in Kindergarten. This year, we will continue with Empathy and remind students how to tell when another person if having strong feelings that are uncomfortable. We will talk about how we can help others and how that can also help us. We will discuss how everyone has very different feelings about situations (This is ok!!) and how we can help if those feelings are uncomfortable feelings. 

Second Grade

In Second Grade, we will continue with the idea of Respect. We will connect respect to empathy by talking about how when we show others Empathy, we are aslo showing respect. We will talk about how we all have different likes and dislikes, this is what makes us different. Being different is ok, however accepting differences is also showing respect.

Third Grade

Second quarter in Third Grade will take us into the idea that we all have very different  ways of looking at our world (perspectives). We do not have to agree with other people's perspectives, but we should respect other's way of looking at things. When we are respecting differences and similarities in others, we are also showing empathy and compassion. 

Fourth Grade

Forth grade will review what they know about being assertive. When students learn about assertive behavior (calm, strong voice, no name calling, telling others what they need/want), they have the tools they need to help others through difficult social situations, like bullying. Students can learn that they can tell others what they need/want in strong, respectful voices. This will lead into discussions about understanding that we all have different ways of looking at the world and how to build an attitude of acceptance. We will talk about how we can have different perspectives and still be kind to each other.   

Fifth Grade

In Fifth grade, we will also review what it means to be assertive. However, being assertive does not mean students can be rude, unkind, or hurtful to others. Being assertive means we have the right to ask for what we need/want from others by using a strong voice, bold body language, and respectful words. Our Fifth graders really need help in learning these skills. We will also connect the idea of predicting feelings to this idea. It is important that we can predict how another person is feeling so that we can know how to help, if help is needed. When we can predict how another person might feel about something that we say or do, we are able to show respect and kindness where we need to. This is so needed right now in our schools. 

Parent/Family sites and information... 

 I will be using district approved curriculum to help teach empathy, compassion, learning skills, and self-awareness. I have provided a link to the SecondStep program.  Additionally, please feel free to come in and visit with me and take a look at the lessons I use to teach our Pillar Falls students.

Parents/Families....  Here is an opportunity for some parenting classes coming up....  

Twin Falls School District has the opportunity to utilize BPA Health for more long term mental health needs. This is avaible for students and their immediate family members. 

For more information, contact www.bpahealth 

Twin Falls School District will also utilize the help from CareSolace to connect families to outside counseling resources. You will need to contact me to help with the initial process, then after that, all communication will be between you (the family) and CareSolace for choosing a counselor and setting up appointments. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this resources. 

If you want to send me an email... 

If you want to call me at school... 208-732-7570, ext. 5645... Monday, all day