Qiong Wu

PhD Candidate

Department of Mathematics

University of Maryland, College Park

Email: qwu1221@terpmail.umd.edu

About Me

I'm a fourth year PhD student at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Maryland, College Park. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics at Zhejiang University. I'm co-adivised by Dr. Shuo Chen and Dr. Benjamin Kedem. My research interests include statistical network analysis with applications in biological networks, brain networks, social networks, etc.

Here is my CV.

Please visit our research group at: www.umdbright.com/ .

Publications and Preprints

  1. Wu, Q., Zhang, Z., Waltz, J., Ma, T., Milton, D., & Chen, S. (2021). Link predictions for incomplete network data with outcome misclassification. Statistics in Medicine. [pdf] [codes]

  2. Wu, Q., Huang, X., Culbreth, A., Waltz, J., & Chen, S. (2021) Extracting Brain Disease Related Connectome Subgraphs by Adaptive Dense Graph Discovery. Biometrics. 2021; 1– 13. [pdf] [codes]

  3. Wu, Q., Ma, T., Liu, Q., Milton, D., Zhang, Y., & Chen, S. (2021). ICN: Extracting interconnected communities in gene Co-expression networks, Bioinformatics, 2021; btab047. [codes]

  4. Culbreth, A. J., Wu, Q., Chen, S., Adhikari, B. M., Hong, L. E., Gold, J. M., & Waltz, J. A. (2020). Temporal-thalamic and cingulo-opercular connectivity in people with schizophrenia. NeuroImage: Clinical, 29, 102531.

  5. Adenaiye, O., Bueno de Mesquita, P., Wu, Q., & Hong, F. (2021). The effect of COVID-19 stay-at-home order and campus closure on the prevalence of acute respiratory infection symptoms in college campus cohorts. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses. 2021; 00: 1– 5.

  6. Chen, S., Wu, Q., & Hong, L. E. (2021+). Graph combinatorics based group-level network inference for brain connectome analysis. [pdf]

  7. Chen, S., Wu, Q., & Yang, Y., (2021+). Multivariate regression analyses for whole-brain neurometabolite data with a semiparametric large covariance structure.

  8. Chen, S., Zhang, Z., Mo, C., Wu, Q., Kochunov, P., & Hong, L. E. (2020). Characterizing the Complexity of Weighted Networks via Graph Embedding and Point Pattern Analysis. Entropy, 22(9), 925.

Teaching Experience

  • Fall 2018: Elementary Statistics and Probability

  • Spring 2018: Applied Probability and Statistics I


  • First Place Winner of Student Paper Competition, American Statistical Association (ASA) ``Statistics in Imaging" Section, Aug. 2020.

  • Student Paper Competition, Statistical Methods in Imaging (SMI) conference, June 2020

  • Travel Award, Fourteenth Annual Workshop for Women in Machine Learning (WiML, co-located with NeurIPS), Dec 2019

  • Student Travel Award, Big Data Neuroscience Workshop, Sept. 2019