Centre Description

Eco Learning Centre is for students who want to work ‘in’ and ‘for’ the world.

They are interested in animals and plants and are passionate about protecting the Earth. Learning in the Eco Centre is immersed in learning about and caring for the natural world. A typical day in Eco Learning Centre will mean solving real life problems, working on long term projects, getting our hands dirty and taking responsibility for the things we care about. We are strongly connected with our community groups and often take field trips to be involved with local environmental initiatives. We learn from the past and want to build a better future.

Centre Expectations

  • Students will actively participate in field trips and community initiatives
  • Students will show an empathy for and desire to ‘better the planet’
  • Students will collaborate, contribute and commit to the kaupapa of the Centre.

Learner Profile

  • I am passionate about animals, plants, the earth and science
  • I love learning about how the natural world works
  • I enjoy taking responsibility for plants and animals
  • I don’t mind getting my hands dirty
  • I want to do things that help our environment
  • I am compassionate towards animals
  • I have good observational skills and an eye for detail
  • I like being outside
  • I work well in a team