Welcome to the Dobereiner Lab at Temple University.

We perform interdisciplinary research in organometallic, inorganic, polymer and materials chemistry. Learn more about our research, browse our publications, meet our group members, and contact us if you are interested in joining our efforts!

Group News

02 Dec 2019: Julia Leonard and Malek Kenaan join the Dobereiner lab. Welcome!

17 Oct 2019: The Group welcomes Heng Wang, a graduate student in the SUSTech-Temple Dual Doctoral Degree Program!

03 Sept 2019: Derek, Andy and Willy's paper on the IMP anion class is now a Dalton Transactions accepted manuscript [10.1039/C9DT03511G]. Congrats all!

26 Jul 2019: Our paper with Prof. David Leitch and GlaxoSmithKline on improving Pd-catalyzed C-N couplings using AdBippyPhos is now available as a preprint on ChemRxiv [10.26434/chemrxiv.9108461].

08 Jul 2019: Our report on the IMP anion class is now available as a preprint on ChemRxiv [10.26434/chemrxiv.8792192].

29 Mar 2019: Congrats to Derek, Joe and Evan on three successful PhD dissertation defenses!

22 Jan 2019: Joe's review on Lewis acid effects in organometallic catalysis [10.1039/c8ob02856g] is now published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

21 Dec 2018: The Dobereiner Group welcomes first-year graduate students Thomas Boller, Justin Steets and Saibal Singh.

20 Dec 2018: Congratulations to HoJun and Brendon on graduating!

4 Dec 2018: Congratulations to Willy on being selected as a recipient of the Dept. of Chemistry's Guy Allen Award for Outstanding Teaching.

4 Dec 2018: Congratulations to Derek on being selected as a recipient of the Dept. of Chemistry's Daniel Swern Fellowship Award for Outstanding Research.

13 Nov 2018: Our paper on functionalizing polyketones [10.1021/acs.macromol.8b01629] is now a Macromolecules ASAP. Congrats to Evan and Jeremy, and thanks to our collaborators in the Willets lab!

9 Jul 2018: Our comparison of the coordinating ability of common anions in organometallic chemistry [10.1021/acs.organomet.8b00356] is now an Organometallics ASAP. Congrats to Derek, Willy, Kushan, Luckym, Jaqi and Andy!

8 Jul 2018: Joe and Derek present at the 2018 Gordon Research Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in Newport RI.

11 Jun 2018: Evan presents at the 2018 National Graduate Research Polymer Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

11 May 2018: Congratulations to Alan, Owen, and Eromon on graduating!

10 Apr 2018: Congrats to Brendon Godshall on winning an undergraduate poster award in the 2018 Philadelphia ACS YCC Poster Session.

5 Apr 2018: Congrats to Owen Glaze on being selected as the recipient of this year's Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in STEM Disciplines, presented by Temple Libraries. The Award "honors the best research projects produced each year by Temple University undergraduates."

4 Apr 2018: The Dobereiner Group welcomes visiting scholar Urielle Randrianarisoa, a graduate student at UPMC (Paris, France).

5 Mar 2018: Graham is interviewed by Temple Libraries on using open textbooks in the general chemistry classroom.

23 Jan 2018: Our study of Mo-catalyzed Z-selective alkene isomerization [10.1021/acs.organomet.7b00914] is now an Organometallics ASAP. Congrats, Joe, Owen and Derek.