Ontario CEFR Initiatives


The purpose of this website is to share professional learning materials from CEFR provincial initiatives with Ontario's English-language school boards, to support effective planning, instruction and assessment in French as a Second Language (FSL) programs.

On this page, you will find the co-created Strategic Directions for the CEFR in Ontario (2018-2023) to help inform planning and reflection. As well, you will find the "continuum of implementation" document with an important description of its context. Subsequent pages contain professional learning activities and artifacts from online seminars. Each seminar topic is related to a component on the continuum. Enjoy!

strategic directions CEFR 20182023
CEFR continuum of implementation.docx
Continuum d'implantation du CECR.pdf

The 2017 Ontario study: The CEFR in Ontario: Transforming Classroom Practice found that CEFR/DELF-related professional learning is having a profound impact on FSL classroom practice. This report is only available in English on the Transforming FSL website. www.transformingfsl.ca