TEFL Online Pro Reviews - Teachers' Choice Award Winner, 2019 / 2020 | Online Defamation By Our Business Competitors.

The TEFL industry is highly competitive and something that people knew to TEFL might not understand initially is that a few bad-actor programs spend a considerable amount of their time and resources attacking their business competition online.

These attacks tend to take the form of spreading false information, such as claiming that such and such a program is a "scam", "fraud", "unaccredited", etc.

Such attacks are almost always directed at more popular competitors.

TEFL Online Pro is one of the highest-rated Online TEFL/TESOL programs, so it comes as no shock to us that we have been a target of such attacks.

If you keyword-search for 'TEFL Online Pro', 'TEFL Online Pro reviews', 'Is TEFL Online Pro legit' online, you can see that a few of our business competitors have hijacked these keywords with claims that TEFL Online Pro is a "scam", "fraud", "unaccredited", etc.

On the other hand, you can also find verified TEFL Online Pro customer reviews and these reviews tend to be mostly four or five-star ratings.

The reason for this polarity is simply because our customers love us and some our business competitors feel the opposite.

We would just like to note that it is a small number of our business competitors making these allegations. The vast majority of TEFL programs refrain from such tactics. One thing that this minority have in common is that they offer unaccredited TEFL courses and, therefore, they can act this way with impunity- without an accreditation body to answer to.

TEFL Online Pro has issued a refutation to the allegations made by our business competitors, on the teflonlinepro.com school website:


TEFL Online Pro is a legitimate company, providing award-winning and fully accredited Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses training.

We receive consistently positive (verified) customer feedback, and this is in part because of our commitment to maintaining a high level of customer services.

Our course graduates teach English online and teach English overseas, in every country worldwide where English is taught as a second or foreign language, and typically start their teaching jobs within four weeks of course completion.

As of July 24th 2021, 100% of our graduates that have taken one of our courses and that have then wanted to teach (online or overseas) have been successful in their job-search objectives.

All three of the international certification courses provided by our company come with lifetime job support services, included in the price of the course.

In addition to all of the above, TEFL Online Pro is a verified business member with Paypal and has been since 2019.

TEFL Online Pro has many competitors within the Online TEFL/TESOL training marketplace.

The majority of our competitors are similarly held accountable through their accreditation affiliations, but a few of our competitors are not bound by the Codes Of Practice associated with Fully Accredited status – i.e., some of our business competitors offer unaccredited TEFL courses and can operate without any oversight from an external moderation board.

This article has been written as an official rebuttal to the defamatory, malicious, and untrue statements published online about TEFL Online Pro – statements published by three of our business competitors: Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan/The TEFL Academy, Ian Patrick Leahy/ESLinsider, and MyTEFL.

The TEFL/TESOL Online Teachers' Choice Award, 2019 and 2020 | TEFL Scams.

This article looks at what it takes to win the Teachers' Choice Award, and also identifies the online defamation currently being directed at TEFL Online Pro by a few of our (disreputable and unaccredited) business competitors.

The first section covers the Teachers' Choice Award.

The second section looks at the Google search results for 'TEFL Online Pro reviews' and exposes the competitors who are behind the negative attack listings.

If you are considering whether to take a TEFL Online Pro international TEFL/TESOL certification course, but have felt alarmed by the websites of TPR Teaching and ESLinsider, etc., we recommend reading this Google Sites page in full because you might make the mistake of being scammed and choosing an unaccredited Online TEFL/TESOL certification course if you take the hidden-agenda advice of our competitors.

TEFL Online Pro provides award-winning and fully accredited Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses, which are equivalent to the Level 5 and CELTA teaching English qualifications.

The Teachers' Choice Award

TEFL Online Pro - https://teflonlinepro.com/ - has won the Teachers' Choice Award two years in a row, in 2019 and 2020.

It has been well documented, by an expert leading Online TEFL/TESOL certification course journalist in the field, that the conditions for winning the Teachers' Choice Award are not so dissimilar to a high-class, high-functioning restaurant winning a Michelin star.

For a restauranteur to win a Michelin star, the main criteria are consistency of their product, how much value they place on their customers' experience, and maintaining those high levels of service over an extended period of time. Customer reviews also play a significant role in the points tally.

TEFL Online Pro works extremely hard to consistently maintain a high level of delivery of products and services, and this is manifested in the glowing customer reviews that we receive on a regular basis.

Just as the restaurant world is a highly competitive industry, so is the international TEFL/TESOL certification course program industry.

And one of the aspects of our products and services, which differentiate us from our close competitors, is that we strive to provide the best possible TEFL/TESOL training for our customers. Not all Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs follow this ethos.

In fact, as with the restaurant business, there are a lot of bad players in the TEFL/TESOL industry - offering subpar training and tuition.

The Teachers' Choice Award attempts to introduce a certain amount of accountability for all Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification training providers - the result being that the Teachers' Choice Award has now become the gold standard which all reputable Online TEFL/TESOL programs wish to attain and achieve.

How does the voting system work?

Taken directly from the Trusted TEFL Reviews website: 'Each year, Trusted TEFL Reviews asks language schools, universities, current English teachers, and recent Online TEFL/TESOL course graduates to take part in the Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course Teachers’ Choice Award, by voting for their favorite Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course program.'

What are the criteria for casting a nominee for the Teachers' Choice Award?

There are ten in total:

(1) Did you receive the advertised course price when you signed up for the course?

(2) Were you satisfied with the signup process?

(3) Were the school staff polite and willing to help with any questions you had – both before and after paying for your course?

(4) In your opinion, was the course structure and content easy to follow and helpful for your future teaching career?

(5) Was your TEFL/TESOL certificate issued promptly after course completion?

(6) Did you feel that you received sufficient post-course support?

(7) How long was it between course completion and finding teaching work abroad?

(8) If you had any issues now, would you still feel comfortable contacting your TEFL/TESOL school for advice/help?

(9) Was the Online TEFL/TESOL course certificate that you received truly internationally recognized?

(10) Is what your Online TEFL/TESOL course school said it would be like in the country where you are now teaching a true representation of facts or was it deceiving/misleading information?

TEFL/TESOL student and graduate reviews also play an important part in the overall tally of points.

TEFL Online Pro reviews and competitor attacks

TEFL Online Pro consistently receives positive (verified) customer reviews.

We have written 'verified' for a reason.

The Online TEFL/TESOL industry is notoriously unregulated and a negative aspect of this is that some of the more unscrupulous Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs are definitely not immune to writing 5-star reviews of their own program, and low-rated reviews of their competitors' programs.

TEFL Online Pro has always made it a point of pride to refrain from either.

However, since winning the Teacher's Choice Award in 2019, and then again winning the prestigious award in 2020, a few competitors with sour grapes have tried to undermine our achievements.

This can perfectly be demonstrated by conducting an (USA Google) online search for the keyword, 'TEFL Online Pro Reviews'.

Currently, on 15th July 2021, here are the first-page search results for this keyword:

TPR Teaching

The TPR Teaching website is a proxy website for The TEFL Academy, and lists so highly in the search results because The TEFL Academy has pointed strong backlinks to it.

The TEFL Academy is one of our closest competitors.

The woman who runs the TPR Teaching website is a 'Brand Ambassador' for the TEFL Academy. i.e, she is employed on a freelance basis by The TEFL Academy.

At 24 years of age and with only two summer camps' teaching experience under her belt, she fancies herself as a TEFL expert and has decided that she is going to review Online TEFL/TESOL certification course programs without ever having taken any of the programs that she is reviewing - with exception, of course, for The TEFL Academy Online TEFL/TESOL program.

The website is an affiliates marketing website, with the sole purpose of selling The TEFL Academy courses - she earns a 20% affiliates passive income fee on every TEFL Academy course purchased via her site.

The name that she publishes under is 'Caitriona Maria', but her real name is 'Caitriona McTiernan'.

On this page of her blog, she incorrectly and maliciously claims that TEFL Online Pro is unaccredited, owns the independent reviews website Trusted TEFL Reviews, should be avoided, and is a scam.

The information that she presents is designed to mislead potential TEFL Online Pro customers, and, instead, redirect those customers to The TEFL Academy school website.

Caitriona simply regurgitated this information from another of our business competitor's: Ian Leahy from ESLinsider. More about Ian below.

It really is easy to refute Caitriona's allegations by simply looking at when the Trusted TEFL Reviews and TEFL Online Pro Facebook pages were established. The Trusted TEFL Reviews Facebook page was set up a whole year later than the TEFL Online Pro Facebook page.

The only connection between TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews is that we have verified customer reviews published on Trusted TEFL Reviews. The similarity end there.

In addition to this, TEFL Online Pro is fully accredited by ACTEFLC - Accreditation Council for Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses. Caitriona has attempted to "prove" that ACTEFLC is our creation. This is absolutely ridiculous and she is just throwing mud at the wall and seeing what will stick. She is essentially preying on peoples' online shopping paranoia.

The absolute irony here is that The TEFL Academy claims to be accredited, but are only regulated - as this article explains:


One other "astute" remark that Caitriona makes is that TEFL Online Pro is the only TEFL program allowed advertising space on Trusted TEFL Reviews. Yes, this is true. The winner of the Teachers' Choice Award is granted a year's free advertising on the platform:


And finally, if TEFL Online Pro were a "scam" then how is it that we receive positive customer reviews across the board and that our graduates experience little difficulty teaching online and overseas?

Incidentally, we did submit a comment to Caitriona's website. However, Caitriona has not published our comment - thereby, failing to provide us with an opportunity to present our side of the story. Caitriona has, however, allowed anonymous users (our business competition) to post comments and has published a comment written by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL.

Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan

Caitiona resides in the Republic of Ireland, and TEFL Online Pro will be proceeding with legal action against TPR teaching because TPR teaching is simply a sister website of The TEFL Academy. This is a case of sour grapes, on the part of The TEFL Academy. It is also an example of how a school that claims "highly reputable business practices" can sink so low in terms of their ethical bar.

TEFL Online Pro contacted Caitriona, to ask her to delete what she has written about TEFL Online Pro - issuing a cease and desist notification whist doing so. Caitriona's response was that we couldn't do anything about it if we tried because she has no money and we wouldn't get a penny from her. So, basically, Caitriona feels that she is immune to legal action and feels that she has a carte blanche to write whatever she wants on her school blog - all the while bringing in more customers for her employer: The TEFL Academy.

The TEFL Academy is using Caitriona as their 'fall guy'.

TEFL Online Pro Facebook

Showing up second in a Google search for 'TEFL Online Pro reviews' is the TEFL Online Pro Facebook page.

Facebook reviews are extremely important because the reader is able to see the footprint of the review. i.e., whereas it is possible for Online TEFL/TESOL programs to post fake reviews on some platforms, on Facebook you are able to see the individual behind the review.

In addition, Facebook have recently come down hard on fake accounts and fake reviews and it is no longer possible for the less reputable Online TEFL/TESOL programs to manipulate this social media platform.

Currently, TEFL Online Pro is rated 5/5 by our customers on the TEFL Online Pro Facebook reviews page.


Reddit can often be an excellent platform for tips and advice, but it can also be abused really easily.

The main issue with TEFL-related Reddit channels and pages is that the vast majority of them are moderated by Online TEFL/TESOL course programs, who have a vested interested in pushing their own agenda. In addition to this, the majority of comments are made under the radar by competing Online TEFL/TESOL certification schools.

In this 'Is tefl online pro legit?' Reddit thread, we think that someone genuinely wanted to learn more about the TEFL Online Pro certification course program. The problem is that the thread was then hijacked by business competitors, who aimed to damage our reputation and elevate their own.

We would like to point out the obvious here.

If you have taken an Online TEFL/TESOL certification course, would you then spend weeks (or even months or years) spending time on forms such as Reddit and trying to convince people to take the TEFL course that you did? No. This is just not usual behavior.

As a result of this conclusion, it's easy to see that the people who do so are writing with a hidden agenda.

The vast majority of Reddit communities, as with Facebook communities, are managed incognito by TEFL certification companies.

We began our own TEFL Online Pro Reddit channel, so that we would have a Reddit platform whereby we could respond to any competitor attacks on Reddit.

TEFL Online Pro YouTube

Last summer, before we had published any TEFL Online Pro customer video reviews, Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL had uploaded videos where he attacked our company.

Btw, an important point to note here:

Pick any Online TEFL/TESOL certification program and Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL will have written some trash about it on his school blog, or elsewhere on the internet. TEFL Online Pro is definitely not an isolated case when it comes to Ian publishing false statements about us online.

Ian is able to do this (just as The TEFL Academy is able to do so) because his TEFL courses are unaccredited and there is no accountability for his actions. Plus, Ian lives in New Hampshire - where local defamation laws regarding online content are extremely liberal.

We also just want to point out here that we are not against free speech.

What we are against though, are competitors writing lies about the TEFL Online Pro program in order to further their own TEFL programs.

Because back in summer 2020 the only TEFL Online Pro videos were showing from Ian's ESLinsider account, we asked graduates of our program if they wouldn't mind recording a short video - outlining their TEFL Online Pro course experience.

To date, as of 15th July 2021, nine graduates have offered to record a video testimonial and one graduate (Noor) has recorded a follow-up video, where she describes how her TEFL Online Pro certificate has been instrumental in finding teaching work online and in South Korea.

All ten videos can be viewed on the TEFL Online Pro YouTube channel.

TEFL Online Pro reviews on the TEFL Online Pro school website

This search result directs the reader to the TEFL Online Pro school website.

On this TEFL Online Pro Reviews page, you can read examples of verified customer reviews.

Complaints Board

Common online platforms for executing competitor attacks, such as defamation, include gripe websites such as Ripoff Report and Complaints Board. These websites require users to register accounts, yet neither of them prevents users from using aliases and posting false or misleading information under them.

This TEFL Online Pro "complaint" was instigated by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL - one of our business competitors.

Complaints Board were very nice to allow us to add a rebuttal to the complaint, which appears directly under the original "complaint".

It is clear to us that Ian Leahy wrote the complaint and then wrote the additional comments below the complaint, using different aliases.


It was soon after winning the Teachers' Choice Award for the first time, back in 2019, that we began noticing the company attack posts being published online by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider TEFL.

As a way of defending ourselves against such attacks, we established a TEFL Online Pro reviews website - a platform where we could directly expose Ian Leahy (and others) for their defamatory publications online.

Besides the ousting articles, we also publish useful articles for our TEFL/TESOL graduates.

The website has been a fantastic medium with which to defend the good name of TEFL Online Pro against competitor attacks, in a transparent and direct manner.

ESLinsider | Ian Leahy

It was Ian Patrick Leahy who first spread the false accusation that TEFL Online Pro is the owner of Trusted TEFL Reviews.

Above are three photos of Ian Leahy, found on the internet.

The photo of Ian with a degree certificate crown on his head is from one of his YouTube videos, where he recklessly recommends that people should avoid going to college because he did go to college (Arts degree) and all it left him with was huge debt.

The photo below that one is Ian's Online English Tutor on Cambly mugshot.

The photo on the right is Ian's About page, on his ESLinsider school website blog.

Ian is well-versed in all things online and full-well knows that the information that he has provided for his argument is flawed to the core.

Ian's main argument for his hypothesis is that TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews share the same web-building platform - Wordpress, and the same ip addresses. And that in the WhoIs records, TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews share the same registered address and telephone number.

Ian Leahy is fully aware that all Wordpress sites share the same centrally registered ip addresses.

In addition, when a website's contact details are set to private (as the majority of TEFL program websites appear to be - including the websites owned and operated by ESLinsider) the same telephone numbers and addresses are shown in the WhoIs records.

Over 50 million websites share the same ip address, telephone numbers, and addresses as we do.

Claiming that TEFL Online Pro owns Trusted TEFL Reviews because we share these same details is knowingly and purposefully misleading.

We were going to write a long piece about Ian Leahy from ESLinsider, but Trusted TEFL Reviews already beat us to it:


This Trusted TEFL Reviews article demonstrates just how unprofessional Ian Leahy from ESLinsider is, and illustrates the compelling argument as to why Ian Leahy should not be taken seriously as a TEFL course provider. The article is pretty shocking and extremely sobering. Among the various illegal activities that Ian is accused of having perpetrated, is that he was defrauding his ESLinsider students through non-consensual credit card withdrawals that he made whilst living in Japan.

Trusted TEFL Reviews

The final first-page website search result, when Google searching 'TEFL Online Pro reviews', as of July 15th 2021, is a TEFL Online Pro customer review - published on the independent TEFL Reviews website: Trusted TEFL Reviews.

It is important to note here that Trusted TEFL Reviews is a real diamond in the rough because the owners operate the site on a not-for-profit basis.

Other popular TEFL reviews websites make their money via affiliate marketing - where they earn a commission on every TEFL course purchase - and so they overstep the line dividing unbiased reviews website and a commercial website that has a vested interest in only publishing positive reviews of the programs which they make money from.

TEFL Online Pro is currently the No.1 rated Online TEFL/TESOL certification program on Trusted TEFL Reviews.

TEFL Online Pro is also featured as one of the recommended Online TEFL/TESOL course providers in the Top 5 Online TEFL/TESOL course providers.


MyTEFL is another Online TEFL/TESOL certification course provider that hits out when it feels threatened by a more successful competitor. MyTEFL spent money on the teflonlineproreviews [dot] com domain, created the website, and still pay for its hosting - all so they can publish the regurgitated misinformation first spread by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider.

MyTEFL - as with The TEFL Academy and ESLinsider - have appalling student reviews on the unbiased reviews websites, where they have no affiliate link marketing influence over the owners.

This Trusted TEFL Reviews article on MyTEFL perfectly sums up their seriously questionable business practices:


What is the reason for us defending ourselves against these attacks?

The main reason is because a lot of people only have a small window of time in which to choose an Online TEFL/TESOL certification course and if they stumble across any of the above attack websites listed, they might take the information for face value.

TEFL Online Pro runs a very popular Online TEFL/TESOL certification course program and we would not want to see anyone persuaded to take a course, instead, from a TEFL provider that acts in the way that the above bad actors do.

We also feel a strong responsibility to our graduates who have left a review of their TEFL Online Pro course experience.

For example, Ian Leahy claims that all of our YouTube customer reviews are fake.

This really irked us because his claims not only offended us, but also offended the customers who took the time to record their video testimonials.

There are, of course, other online attack blog posts - all written by our competitors - but we just wanted to focus on the first-page Google search results.

We would also like to point out that the path of least resistance would be for us to publish our own attack posts online, in retaliation, but we, instead, choose to invest our time developing our products and services so that we can provide the best possible experience for our customers.

And lastly, we would like to end this rebuttal with a word from two of our 2020 graduates - Noor and Clara - who taught English online after taking her TEFL Online Pro certification course, and who are now teaching in South Korea and Spain respectively: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K46PDonA6QA | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijVyam6l_PI

TEFL Online Pro TESOL courses

TEFL Online Pro runs three internationally recognized Online TEFL/TESOL certification courses:

60-Hour Fast-Track - the perfect solution for people with TEFL experience.

120-Hour Professional - the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience.

140-Hour Hybrid - the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience who are wanting in-class teaching practice.

Enroll in your TEFL Online Pro international TEFL/TESOL online certification course: https://teflonlinepro.com/enroll/

New! Read the latest TEFL Online Pro press release:

TEFL Online Pro Reviews - Teachers' Choice Award

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TEFL Online Pro Reviews - Verified Customer Feedback

When choosing which international Online TEFL/TESOL certification course to take, we think it is important to read customer reviews.

The issue, though, is that fake reviews are rampant within the TEFL/TESOL industry - some schools simply can't stop themselves from either writing their own 5-star reviews, or from writing 1-star reviews for their competitors.

Another issue, which you might not be aware of, is that some of the major TEFL review websites are often inclined to prevent negative reviews from being published and allowing (often clearly obvious) self-planted reviews to be published without any verification.

Those review websites behave in that way when they have a vested interest, financially, in students taking a TEFL course through one of the TEFL programs listed on their review website. This often takes the form of affiliate link marketing.

At tefl online pro, we chose very early on not to go down the affiliate marketing route. And the main reason for this is because we feel that that type of marketing lacks transparency and moral integrity.

When someone earns money from affiliate linking, they often create a blog and fill it with stories about how great such and such a TEFL course is, why you should take the particular course, and hey, here's a coupon code to get a discount on the course too! :)

Rarely has the person actually taken the course - very often, the person claiming that a particular TEFL course is AMAZING hasn't even taken the course and has simply signed up for the TEFL program's affiliate linking program.

For verified Online TEFL/TESOL certification course reviews, it is generally acknowledged within the (reputable) international TEFL community that there are two main go-to sources where potential students can feel confident that the reviews published are real.

There are Facebook and Trusted TEFL Reviews.

For verified tefl online pro reviews:




YouTube video testimonials are also a good source for authentic student feedback, and below you can watch three of our recent course graduates speaking about their tefl online pro international TEFL/TESOL certification course experiences:

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Teaching in Austria

Annelise, from the USA, gives her TEFL Online Pro review of the https://teflonlinepro.com/ 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Teaching in Prague

Nico, a recent https://teflonlinepro.com/ graduate, provides his TEFL Online Pro review of the 140-Hour Hybrid international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Entrepreneurship

Alison, from the UK, is a recent https://teflonlinepro.com/ course graduate. This is her TEFL Online Pro review of the 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Teaching Online

Noor's TEFL Online Pro review outlines her 140-Hour (Hybrid) https://teflonlinepro.com/ TEFL/TESOL course experience, and she speaks about teaching English online.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Professional 120-Hour

Astrid's TEFL Online Pro review describes her https://teflonlinepro.com/ 120-Hour (Professional) TEFL/TESOL study experience, and she discusses her future teaching English plans.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Teach and Travel

In this TEFL Online Pro video testimonial review, Clara speaks about her 120-Hour Professional international TEFL/TESOL online course experience.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | NNEST

Elena describes her TEFL Online Pro international TEFL/TESOL certification course experience and her teaching English online plans for the future.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Teaching in Asia

In this TEFL Online Pro review, Troy provides his feedback on the Professional 120-Hour Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

Tefl Online Pro Reviews | Best Tesol Certification

In this https://teflonlinepro.com/​ review, Paige, an experienced school teacher from the USA, outlines her TEFL Online Pro 120-Hour course experience.

Teaching English online and in South Korea

This is a new follow-up video, with Noor explaining how her TEFL Online Pro certificate was instrumental in finding teaching work online and in South Korea.

Teaching English online and in Spain

Clara, a November 2020 Professional course graduate, speaks about how her TEFL Online Pro certificate helped her become hired as an online English teacher and as an in-person English teacher in Spain.

Mobile users have noted that the above videos have not been possible to view on some devices. For those of you experiencing such issues, here are the direct links for our YouTube customer videos:

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #1 | Annelise | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-4jC0ErDmo

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #2 | Nico | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpGUVAiGCrA

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #3 | Alison | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpvUp4ViAo8

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #4 | Noor | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4unbJrFRCnY

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #5 | Astrid | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZclYMgznmE

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #6 | Clara | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijVyam6l_PI

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #7 |Elena | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppug6YmJ5Nc

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #8 | Troy | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrtgTQ5Rdkg

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #9 | Paige | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-bt8EDVF0g

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #10 | Noor | Follow-up testimonial | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K46PDonA6QA

TEFL Online Pro YouTube video reviews #11 | Clara | Follow-up testimonial | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e--ZyA4VU-I

12 further reasons why our students and graduates consistently rate us as a 5-star international TEFL/TESOL program:

Our payment options are safe and secure.

We always respond to emails/messages/calls within 24 hours.

Feedback on lesson plan assignments and answers to course questions are responded to by a real person.

All three of our award-winning courses come with complimentary (24/7) online tutor support.

All three of our award-winning courses have been designed by experts in their fields.

All three of our award-winning, user-friendly courses are fully responsive – study on a laptop, phone, or tablet.

There are no hidden fees – the advertised course fee is the only payment that you will be requested to make.

All of our customers receive an Official Letter of Recommendation upon course completion.

We issue course certificates within a couple of days of course completion.

Graduates of the program enjoy lifetime access to the tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team.

The certification awarded is equivalent to the CELTA/Level 5 TEFL/TESOL qualification.

The certification awarded is fully accredited and internationally recognized – our graduates teach English worldwide.

TEFL Online Pro has been included on the list: The 5 best Online TEFL TESOL courses to take in 2021

Mobile users have noted that the above videos have not been possible to view on some devices. For those of you experiencing such issues, here are the direct links for our Vimeo customer videos:

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #1 | Annelise | https://vimeo.com/462139379

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #2 | Nico | https://vimeo.com/462140908

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #3 | Alison | https://vimeo.com/462141425

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #4 | Noor | https://vimeo.com/466824099

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #5 | Astrid | https://vimeo.com/468494386

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #6 | Clara | https://vimeo.com/486295639

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #7 |Elena | https://vimeo.com/501116723

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #8 | Troy | https://vimeo.com/502440338

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #9 | Paige | https://vimeo.com/509871229

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #10 | Noor | Follow-up testimonial | https://vimeo.com/563073001

TEFL Online Pro Vimeo video reviews #11 | Clara | Follow-up testimonial | https://vimeo.com/581711784