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Supporting documents

  1. Numerical Recipes in C

  2. CERN MINUT routine

  3. Numerical derivative by Paul Holoborodko

  4. Presentations:

    1. IST 2013

    2. FFC Conference, Pisa 2019, flyer.

Browser support

fitteia's behavior should be the same, no matter what browser you are using. However, small differences have been reported in some cases. In case you find some difficulties, please report the issue to the fitteia Team.

Some browsers can present update images issues due to the default image cache settings. This issue can be solved by changing the following settings:

    • IE: Edit "Internet Options->Browsing History->Settings" and change the setting "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Every time I visit the webpage". The icon is not visible in IE.

    • Opera: Edit "Settings->Preferences->Advanced->History" and change the setting "Check images" to "Always".