The new users' fitting mode Master integrates all fitteia tools and procedures in a single layout interface.

It provides the best fitting environment for repeated fitting of different datasets having a global least-squares minimum target or performing the least squares minimisation to each dataset block independently, using the same model.

The fitting parameters are collected in a single file that the user can further process in fitteia’s Plotter module or elsewhere.

Please, be aware that performing N individual fits will require an execution time slightly larger than N times the execution time of a single fit. Nevertheless, the user will save a considerable amount of time compared with the time required to set, access, and fit the N fits separately.

The user can easily assign TAG hashtags to each data set block to help selecting datasets for fitting and plotting procedures.

Check the examples Master-... in the>login->Tutorial-NMR folder to learn more.

Start using

Master fitting user mode can be initiated from any fitteia user mode.

At start TAG hashtags are automatically added to the data in the DATA text box according to already existing DATA blocks.

The TAG hashtags are set with the indexing block order and can be replaced by any alphanumeric string according to the user preferences.

These TAG hashtags univocally identify each dataset and can be used to control which datasets to consider while fitting/plotting.


# DATA dum=1

# TAG = ID_string_with_no_spaces

0.5 1 0.1

1.1 2.1 0.1

2.1 2.9 0.1

3.05 3.1 0.1