Absence of threats doesn't assure security, our presence does.

Since 2006, Technosys has been in the forefront of providing automated safety and security services across India. With a decade of experience and expertise, Technosys has etched itself a name for bestowing safety and security to individuals and organizations in the country. We are one of the leading system integrator of automated electronic security equipment. We offer services ranging from consultation, design, supply, installation and commissioning of safety and security services. We cater to the local, domestic, commercial, financial, industrial and institutional markets on a non-exclusive basis. Technosys sources its products and services internationally to meet the emerging demand for sophisticated state of the art security services.

Equipped with state of the art infrastructure and technologically empowered associates, Technosys believes in providing customer services through custom built designs to suit specific client requirements. Utilizing the current updated technology, Technosys delivers excellent results to the complete gratification of its clients. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction renders upon us the onus of providing products and services of the highest quality, integrity and professionalism.