Teach a PD course for TEC

Would you like to teach a graduate level course for colleagues?

Share your passion & expertise by teaching courses this summer through TEC!

TEC invites interested teachers to create and teach courses throughout the summer. Traditional face-to-face courses will still be offered but we are planning to increase the menu of hybrid/online courses to accommodate teachers’ varied summer schedules and desires to teach and participate in online professional development.


TEC is actively seeking to increase its selection of hybrid and online courses for professional development. We know that teaching hybrid and online courses is not the same as teaching face-to-face courses. And teaching those classes is not the same as taking them. So, TEC is pleased to offer a two-credit course this spring to help you design and teach an online or hybrid class, in preparation for teaching this summer. At the end of the course, with the help of your instructor and class colleagues, you will have everything ready to teach your own summer course at TEC. Find out more about this course, "Designing and Facilitating Online Courses for Adult Learners in Moodle", here.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are courses offered at TEC?

Summer courses can be offered between June 24 and August 16 2019. If necessary, courses finish in the fall semester but not generally.

How do I choose dates for a course?

On a Google Form you will be able to tell us the dates you wish to use. Virtually any dates are possible for online courses. For hybrid and face-to-face courses needing physical space, the sooner you can give us your preferred dates, the more likely they will be available.

How long are the courses?

There are variations in ways to achieve the requirements but the general rule-of-thumb guideline is the following:

  • One-credit courses need 14-15 “contact hours” with additional out-of-class work time to meet a 30-hour minimum. Contact hours are the hours spent in a face-to-face classroom or online, with specific assignments that are assigned to all class members.
  • Two-credit courses need 24-28 contact hours with additional work time to meet a 45-hour minimum.
  • Three-credit courses need 30-36 contact hours with additional work time to meet a 60-hour minimum.

Besides teaching, what else is required if I decide to teach?

For a graduate-level course through Worcester State University, you will create a syllabus for your course. There is plenty of TEC support to help you develop the syllabus and TEC will take care of the approval process with Worcester State. At the close of the course, you will provide grades for those taking your course for credit.

But I have never taught online. Is there help for me?

We are excited to provide a two-credit graduate course to help you design and teach a hybrid/online course. Even if you have taught online before, we highly recommend taking this course in Spring 2019. Read more about the course and the perks that come with it by clicking here.

What is the time line?

  • Submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) form, telling us what you are thinking for a course. Deadline for RFPs is February 15th. We will notify you of acceptance within 1 week of your submission. View Course Proposal RFP here.
  • Establish dates for a course ASAP. Contact Janet Buerklin at jbuerklin@tec-coop.org to arrange dates.
  • The syllabus should be completed by April 15th. Remember, help is available.

What is my pay?

TEC pays $100/contact hour. For a 15-hour course, for example, your pay would be $1500.

I have a few more questions. How can I get them answered?

You are welcome to contact Janet Buerklin at 781.352.5718 or email at jbuerklin@tec-coop.org.

What’s next?

Tell us your idea for a course! To do that, click here for the Course Proposal form. This may sound terribly complicated but it really is not. Give us as much information as you can and we can help you fill in the blanks. This Course Proposal form tells us your initial thoughts for the course you want to teach.