Team RADIOactive’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for existing charities, as well as raise scholarship funds for underserved athletes in our community by means of monetary donations, volunteering and event participation.

What people are saying about Team RADIOactive!

Thank y'all SO MUCH for creating a finish line arch for me at the end of the race, since they'd already taken the timing mat down!! You took such good care of me, even though I was a total stranger!

Thank you for the chair, ice, water, beer, pics with Ray, getting my bike from the rack and then carrying all my stuff to my car!! It was my 1st Olympic distance and I felt SO discouraged that it took me so long. But you were so amazing, kind, welcoming, and helpful - my heart felt happy again when I drove away. You were my angels today!! Thank you!!!


RADIOactive has been a rising tide of inspiration and community for us. We were welcomed with open arms with nothing but smiles and positivity from the beginning. We love to celebrate each individual's successes as well as receive support while we work toward our own goals. Best of all, our school-aged son really looks forward to cheering the team on at races. We are grateful to have a community of positive role models to show him what it means to wish the best for others, have fun setting personal goals, and live a healthy lifestyle. - Erin and Brent Boeckman

I met Gary at the Wurst Tri in New Braunfels a couple months after doing my first TRI. He was engaging, enthusiastic and welcoming. He encouraged me to follow the team on FB and I could “win” things. In the first week after meeting him, indeed I won an entry to the Outlaw Trail ride in Round Rock! He invited me to Steve’s spin class which I started attending and met several other team members there. From there I started going to the swim workouts and met more team members. I was signed up for my first TRI with the team and unfortunately broke my collarbone a couple weeks before (Marble Falls). I went anyway to cheer- I still really didn’t know anyone but it seems like the right and fun thing to do. I got to witness other team members cheering and supporting (Candy was there and also injured)- it seemed like this was the “special sauce” of the team. People didn’t just compete- they were out there to support the team and not just for themselves. Example: people travel (and not just to Round Rock- LOL) to support the team. All the way to Arizona and FL. And more to come!

As to what it’s meant to Greg and I: It really does feel like an extended family of sorts. People genuinely care for one another and go out of their way to be supportive and inclusive. Greg will (likely) never own/wear a kit, but he loves being a part of this group. He wears his team t-shirts all the time! We have had so many great times with the team at events, social activities and trainings. The team epitomizes that spirit Gary shared with me when I first met him- inclusive, engaging and fun!

I am sorry I couldn’t stay that day but one great example of what this team is made of was the Pflugerville Tri- when the team found out someone was still out on the course (and the race directors didn’t even know) the team stayed and cheered that woman in. Even formed a tunnel for her to run through! It makes me tear up just thinking of it.