Walled Lake Western

2021 Virtual Curriculum Night

Welcome to Walled Lake Western's Virtual Curriculum Night! Start with the welcome video below. Then navigate through the site to "visit" all of your child(ren)'s teachers. Staff members are listed alphabetically on this page or by department using the menu on the left.

Staff Alphabetically

Aldridge, Lindsey - Counseling

Augenstein, Jeremy - English

Barnett, Kelli - Social Studies

Beaudoin, Mitchell - Special Services

Bevier, Douglas-English

Blackney, Brian-Social Studies

Boutin, Jennifer (Pamela Helm) - Orchestra

Burke, Brendan-English

Celinske, Norman-Special Services/SEI

Chumney, Kimberly-Science

Clark, Aimee-Math

Cowell, Andrew -English

Crane, Kevin-Special Services

Culling, Jane-Art

Danis, Thomas-Special Services

Doppke, Stephanie - Media Production

Dudzinski, Patrick-Band

Facemyer, Sara -Administration

Ferguson, Andrew-Social Studies

Formanek, Michael-Math

Frane, Krystin-English/Math

Friedman, Ami-IB Coordinator/Science

Gagliardi, Andrea - Special Services

Haddell, Holly - Math

Irey, Douglas - Special Services

Janicki, Adam - Counseling

Jennings, Darrin-Physical Education/Health

Johnson, Cory - Social Studies

Klassa, Andrew-Career Technical Education

Klebba, Michael-Career Technical Education

Knapp, Amy-English

Kurowski, Lisa-Counseling

Kussy, William-Social Studies

Langowski, Breiana-English

Legg, Theresa - Special Services

Luchin, Aleksandra-English

Marinelli, Jennifer - Career Technical Education

McCarthy, Matthew-Social Studies

Medgyessy, Kristen-Math/World Language (German)

Munoz, Mario-Math

Murphy, Anna-English

Oles, Genevieve - Special Services

Rimpley, Jamie-Science

Ropek, Thomas-Administration

Rudy, Jessica-Special Services/SEI

Sanchez, Jessica-World Language (Spanish)

Santana, Krista-Science

Scheck, Bradley-Physical Education/Health

Smedley, Beth-Social Studies/World Language (French)

Squibb, Amanda-Science

Stockton, Sarah-Vocal Music

Sylvester, Christina-World Language (Spanish)

Trzasko, Chris-Science

Tucker, Claire - English/Yearbook

Walczyk, David-Counseling

Walther, David-Science

Walters, Kristen - Social Worker

Watson, Lori-Art

Weiskopf, Michael-Math

White, Kristin-Administration

Willard, Bryan-Social Studies

Wilson, Kevin-World Language (Spanish)

Wuolewu, Jill (Lucy Sailor)-ESL

Zakrzewski, Ania-Math