Tech Support

Treat your Chromebook with care!

Read the Agreement form you signed carefully so you are aware of the limitations of accidental and deliberate damage.  See the bottom of this page for troubleshooting tips.

Please be extra careful when carrying your device or putting it in to a backpack. It is easy to crack your screen if you aren't careful.

Common Problems- Log Off/ Power off

Many common problems are resolved by just logging out of your account and powering off and back on.

Try this first before completing our tech support form

En Espanol- La forma esta aqui

Tech Support Process

1- Please fill out this form (In spanish here) to initiate Tech Support.

2- If you are unable to complete your work, please notify your Teachers and Guidance Counselor that you are having issue with your Chromebook and are awaiting assistance. 

3- Check your school email for a notification of the next steps. (either more troubleshooting tips, or a scheduled time to drop your device of and pick up a loaner.

4- Once your request has been processed, You will receive an email response explaining how to proceed, either to bring your device to the library to exchange for a loaner, or next steps to try.

RBR BucIT students serve as Tech Support specialists. Many of the tech requests can be handled immediately, some are fixed in our tech department, and others will need to be sent out for repair. If a student device is in need of repair, a student will be given a loaner Chromebook until their device returns.

My Chromebook won't turn on

My Chromebook only works when IT's Plugged in

My keyboard is acting strange