Dyslexia Resources for families

I suspect my child has a reading difficulty. What are the signs of dyslexia?

My child has dyslexia. What accommodations would best support him/her in school?

What is my child learning in the dyslexia reading class?

My child's school is holding a 504 meeting. What should I do to prepare?

FWISD Dyslexia Services serves our community through:

The assessment and evaluation of students suspected of having Dyslexia

Providing direct instruction to students using the Neuhaus Structured Literacy Curriculum via 119 campus based teachers

Providing technical support to FWISD campuses, families and the community

Dyslexia Services Contact Information

Dr. Patty Cote, Director



How do I get help for my child?

A referral for a dyslexia evaluation begins at the campus. If your child is not currently receiving services, begin by contacting the campus counselor.

If your child currently receives Special Education Services, contact your campus-based Diagnostician, LSSP, or Speech Therapist to request an evaluation