The Newcomers Club is one of the most active student associations at York Mills. Our club aims to provide academic assistance and engaging cultural experiences to all newcomers, while aiding them in their transition to Canada. We hold multiple events throughout the school year, and celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity of our students through activities such as ESL week, Tea Ceremony and Food Fest. Moreover, our executive team is made up of experienced senior students who work tirelessly to make our club the best that it can be.

If interested in becoming a member, please join our google classroom using the following code: ilfx34f

Newcomers Club is an extremely welcoming community. One can learn a lot by attending, whether it be ethnic dishes, various languages or celebrations, there's always something to look forward to every meeting. By attending, I have made many new friends, improved my communication skills and understanding of other cultures.

-Ilyas Erdogan, Co-President, Newcomers Club 2020-2021

The Newcomers club is more than a place where we do fun activities, we create meaningful connections with others in the school. The meetings have never been less than fun for the members, even during these unfortunate times, and is open to anybody who wants to come and join us. What I enjoy the most about Newcomers is meeting new people I wouldn’t have spoken to otherwise, and making new friends!

-Manal Mohamed, Co-President, Newcomers Club 2020-2021