- 2023/24 MST applications will now be processed centrally - 

We thank everyone for your interest in the Enriched MST / Pre-AP Program at West Humber Collegiate Institute. The Central Student Interest Program online application will be available from November 6, 2023 to November 24, 2023 for the 2024/25 school year for Grade 9 entry into our MST program.  

For applications to the all Specialized Programmes in the TDSB, including the MST Programme at WHCI, a centralized process completely independent of individual schools will be conducted for the 2023/24 school year. In order to apply, students and families will need to go through the TDSB’s Secondary Central Student Interest Programs – this central student interest program website provides more general information/details about the application process. 

For more information on Math, Science, and Technology programmes, including MST@WHCI please visit the TDSB MST Programmes Website.


Students interested in attending one of the secondary Math, Science and Technology programs are not required to submit any supplemental application or information. A completed Centralized Program Application is all that is required. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, all applicants will be eligible for the random selection process.  Once the application period has ended, acceptance and regrets will be sent out by early February.

Initial offers of acceptance and waitlist status will be sent out via email on February 8th, offers expire on Feb. 14th at 4pm.   On Feb. 15, Second round of acceptances and waitlist status will be sent out and those offers expire on Feb. 21st at 4pm.  Final offers will be sent out on Feb. 22 and those last offers expire on Feb. 24th. 

MST Program Lead:  Mrs. Czerczak

MST Course Leaders: Mr. Giroux, Mr. Kahlon, Mrs. Malik, Mrs. Raterman 

MST Logo and Design Lead: Linli Guo

MST @ West Humber is a special interest program with an enriched focus on Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Students accepted into the MST program will travel together as a cohort in Grades 9 through 11. The 4 MST courses in grade 9 are Math, Science, Geography, and English. In grade 10, MST students will take enriched Math, English, Science, and Computer Innovations. In grade 11, MST students must take Math, English plus two sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Computer Science. Students are also required to take Equity and Social Justice in their grade 11 or 12 year. In Grade 12 MST students are able to take AP courses such as AP Biology, Physics, Calculus, Computer Science, and English.

Click here for the presentation slides from the AP Information Session.

Information for Out-Of-Area Admissions (aka Optional Attendance)

Benefits of Program

Fast Tracking

The program enables MST students to take summer courses prior to starting grades 9 and 10.  This allows students to take grade 10 electives in grade 9 and grade 11 courses in grade 10.  This acceleration continues in grade 11, which allows students to accumulate more 12U credits, better preparing students for their post-secondary education.

 Application Materials:


The MST program allows students with similar interests to work together on projects that are hands-on and self-directed. Many challenges and opportunities await MST students such as Math contests, Sci-Tech Fair, Engineering Team, Sci-Squad, field trips and more.


As students progress to Grade 12, their course options increase dramatically to support a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities.


Students cover the curriculum at a faster pace leaving time for enrichment and integration activities, as well as pre-AP preparation.