Pharmacy Assistant (PA) Program

Applications For Quad 3 Classes Starting February 7, 2023

will begin online on January 9, 2022

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Pharmacy assistants are responsible for greeting customers and helping them locate merchandise. They also accept prescriptions for filling, gather and process the necessary information, operate the cash register, answer telephones, and receive and inventory new pharmaceutical supplies.

This course is:

  • 18 weeks

  • 6 credits

  • Monday to Friday (Full Time - 6 hours a day)

  • 8:25am - 3:15pm every day in person

  • Students must purchase the textbook approx $100.00

The course will cover the following content:

1. Pharmacy Foundations and Law

  • introduction to the practice of pharmacy in Canada

  • professional standards

  • entry-to-practice competencies

  • scope of practice, ethics, critical thinking

  • professional judgment in decision making

  • the Canadian health care system

  • the development of the pharmacy assistant role

  • laws and regulations of pharmacy practice in Canada

  • confidentiality

  • laws and amendments that affect the practice of pharmacy

2. Business for Pharmacy Assistants

  • inventory management

  • inventory control

  • purchasing decisions

  • sources of supply

  • space management

  • personnel management

  • pricing practices

  • mathematical formulas and basic arithmetic (profit margins),

  • inventory turnover rates

  • product markups

3. Communication for Pharmacy Assistants

  • basic communication skills

  • communication process

  • barriers to effective communication

  • therapeutic behaviours

4. Math for Pharmacy Assistants

  • foundation in the calculations used in pharmacy

  • basic algebra, decimals, fractions, percentage, ratio and metric equivalents

  • pharmaceutical formulation

  • prescription set-up

  • pediatric dosages vrs adult dosages

  • parenteral and intravenous medication dosages

5. Pharmacy Prescriptions

  • pharmacological concepts and the basic terminology

  • basic human anatomy and physiology, body systems

  • pharmaceutical implications

  • drug therapy

  • principles of compounding and non-prescription drugs

6. Career-building Strategies for Pharmacy Assistants

  • develop the basic skills you need to job search

  • resumĂ© and cover letter writing

  • tools for networking

  • interview preparation and techniques