A few of the personalized name tags volunteers have made.

Library Defenders

Our Library Defender team (aka library volunteers) make our library more efficient, helpful and fun! If you are interested in joining us, listen for announcements at the beginning of the year. Want a sample of what we do? Check out the training slides from last fall:

Library Defender Training

White Pine

The White Pine book club is the high school branch of the Forest of Reading. We read pre-selected books by Canadian authors and vote for our favourites. You can find out about this year's nominated titles here:

Maker Events

Each month, the library will host a maker event. We have done jewelry making, knitting and crochet, card-making, and the ever-popular button-making. The Maker Shelves are available all the time and have materials for all the projects you can imagine! You can sign out tools like needles, and right now you can take and keep yarn that's been donated by the community.

English Language Learners

The English Language Learners club is based out of the library, but we have the most fun when we are outdoors! 2021-22 trips included skating, a winter hike, and two spring hikes. If you are a Monarch English Language Learner, you can join our Google classroom here:

Board Game Club

Board Game Club runs every Monday after school. They play all kinds of games and are always welcoming new players. We also have a number of board games available for play on any day of the week!

Five students stand holding their art.

Library Contests

Monarch is home to many creative and brilliant people, as the Library Defenders' Contest Committee has discovered this year. We had many submissions to our Seasonal Bookmark Contest, our Scary Short Story Contest (stories and art), and our Tote Bag Design contest.

L-R: Esther, winner of the tote bag design; Candie, runner up in the seasonal bookmark; Hazel, runner up in seasonal bookmark and winner of Scary Story anthology art; Sarah, winner of the 2020 bookmark; Lola, winner of the seasonal bo