Assistant Curriculum Leader: Mr. P. Cartlidge (English/English Media) & Ms. M. Raterman (Literacy/EQAO)


At West Humber Collegiate, the English department strives to combine a rigorous approach to improving literacy with unique and engaging activities that help students develop into creative and critical thinkers. Meaningful evaluations lead to success for our pupils. Here, student expression is valued, encouraged and honed to a fine degree.

Students read a variety of new and classic texts from diverse genres, and complete meaningful evaluations that are challenging and fun. Our students are reading graphic novels, new and exciting texts from international authors and use a variety of online and print materials to supplement their learning.

Our English classrooms are dynamic and welcoming multimedia environments where students are challenged to use technology to reach higher - whether they are editing projects on an iMac, screening Shakespearean films in high-definition or collaborating through Google docs - it all happens here.

Teaching Staff: Mr. P. Cartlidge, Ms. S. Ivancevic-Berisa (on leave), Mr. Z. Jakovic, Ms. D. Kliman, Mr. L. Partington, Ms. M. Raterman, Ms. K. Shepherd, Mrs. MJ Shurr, Mrs. A. Singh, Ms. S. Wylie

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