Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to CyberArts at Don Mills MS?


Students interested in attending one of the elementary CyberARTS programs are not required to submit any supplemental application or information.

A completed Central Student Interest Program Application is all that is required.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of spaces available, all applicants will be eligible for the random selection process.

How is the CyberARTS program different from the regular school program?

CyberARTS students will complete the same Ontario Curriculum Expectations as students in a regular school program. The core difference is that, compared to a regular elementary school program, CyberARTS students will receive more advanced visual arts instruction and have regular access to our CyberARTS computer lab and a wider-range of traditional and digital arts equipment. Also, they will more often express what they have learned in language and social studies through the visual arts.

Do CyberArts students learn the Ontario Curriculum?

Yes. We follow the Ontario Curriculum content and standards.

Is CyberARTS a special class, club or subject?

CyberARTS is a specialized class that integrates traditional and digital art study, and exploration with study in other subject areas, primarily Language and Social Studies.

CyberARTS students, like all elementary students, study in a self-contained class (i.e. they learn alongside the same group of students all year long).

Their CyberARTS teacher will be their homeroom teacher who often teaches their core subjects (e.g. Language, Visual Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, etc.). They may also have rotary teachers who teach most of their non-core subjects (e.g. French, Health and Physical Education, Science, etc.).

CyberARTS students complete the same Ontario Curriculum Expectations as students in a regular school program. The core difference is that, compared to a regular elementary school program, CyberARTS students have greater opportunities to express what they have learned in Language and Social Studies through the visual arts (i.e. for CyberARTS students, visual arts is integrated into Language and Social Studies classes).

So, while in a typical Language class, a Language teacher may have students express what they know about how to find the main idea in a text by writing out what the main idea of a text is along with evidence to support their claim. In a CyberARTS class, a student might convey this information in a graphic novel form.

Teachers in all classrooms in Ontario are creative professionals who craft a program that builds off of their strengths and their students’ interests. Undoubtedly, many teachers use the graphic novel form or some other form of Visual Arts media to engage their students.

The larger point is, thus, not that CyberARTS teachers are the only ones to integrate the Visual Arts with Language and Social Studies, but, that they will tend to do this much more often than in a ‘regular classroom’ and can provide CyberARTS students with access to traditional and digital media resources not often found in other classrooms.

Do CyberARTS students learn traditional and digital arts techniques?

CyberARTS at the elementary level (Grade 6-8) provides students with introductory lessons and exploration opportunities in advanced digital and traditional art techniques.

At Don Mills MS, CyberARTS classes will engage in additional Visual Arts study through the incorporation of Visual Arts with Language and Social Studies year-round.

Is the school day the same for CyberARTS students as non-CyberARTS students?

Yes. CyberARTS students will be attending regularly scheduled classes just like non-CyberARTS students.

What are you looking for in an applicant?

Successful applicants demonstrate that they create artistic works often; work to improve their knowledge and skills related to digital and/or traditional artistic expression over time; and demonstrate the ability and desire to work at challenging tasks over sustained periods of time.

The ideal applicant is not necessarily a student who excels in all subject areas but a student who enjoys learning and expressing him or herself through the visual arts, in whatever form.

Do you accept students who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan)?


How many students do you accept each year?

In grade 6, we accept approximately 25 students. For grade 7 and 8, we have fewer spots available (generally less than five).

Are you interviewing applicants in-person or virtually?

This year, there is no virtual or in-person interview. The application is based on the your ''INTERVIEW VIDEO' and your DIGITAL PORTFOLIO.