Ways To Give

Contributions with no strings, allowing The Foundation to use the funds at its discretion

Contributions for specific projects

Contributions where only the interest is used to provide ongoing projects such as scholarships

The business and affairs of The Foundation is managed by an seven-member Board of Directors. The members of the board have been appointed for staggered terms of two, three, and four years and hold one annual meeting in March and three additional regular meetings throughout the year. The official by-laws of the Triad Schools Foundation can be obtained through the Triad Central Office during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The Triad Schools Foundation will be offering scholarships each school year. To be eligible you must be a graduate of Triad High School and intending to enroll in an institution of higher learning the following year. Please complete the application form and submit it either to the Guidance Office at Triad High School or the Triad Foundation at 203 East Throp Street, Troy, IL 62294. The application form must be accompanied by an official Triad High School transcript. Triad Foundation Scholarship checks will be made out to the institution that the student will be attending at the time of fee payment. Winners will be notified so that awards may be announced at the high school honors program.