Julia Owens

Brevard Elementary School

School Counselor (Grades 3-5)

About Me

Contact Information

BES Phone: 828-884-2001

Email: jthramann@tcsnc.org

Degrees & Certifications

Elementary Education Bachelor's Degree from Appalachian State

Master's Degree in School Counseling from NC State 

Photo of Julia Thramann, 3-5 School Counselor

Photo of Julia Owens

3-5 School Counselor 

Hello parents and students! I am Mrs. Owens and I am very excited to work with our upper grades students this year. 

I have lived in Brevard for about three years and enjoy spending my time outside, reading, and cooking with my husband, Michael. 

My Role

As a school counselor my role is to support students with their social- emotional needs. You may find me doing whole class lessons, small groups, or individual sessions with students. I can support students in many areas such as social skills, emotional regulation, anxiety, grief, and more.