Ms. Jennifer Sensabaugh

About me

About Me


  • Phone: 828-884-2091 ext. 6655
  • Email:

Degrees & Certifications:

  • B.A. English, Ohio State University, Lima, Ohio
  • M.A. Education, Findlay University, Findlay, Ohio
  • National Board Certification: Early Adolescence/English
County Teacher of the Year 2015

Educator Bio

I've been teaching since 2004, in Transylvania County since 2005. My native state is Ohio. Go Buckeyes! I have one son who graduated from BHS in 2014.

I am the reading intervention teacher for all grade levels at Brevard Middle School. Students who struggle to meet grade level reading standards get extra reading support in addition to their regular language arts class. I focus on teaching and practicing the processes of reading and comprehending. The most important skill that I teach my students is developing, using, and keeping grit.

My Schedule

Additional Information

My Schedule-Year

  • Block 1 8:05- 9:01 6th grade Reading Foundations
  • Block 2 9: 05- 10:01 8th grade Study Skills
  • Block 3 10:05-11:01 7th grade Reading Foundations
  • Plan 11:00-11:35
  • 6th BDT 11:39-12:09 Individualized Intervention
  • 8th BDT 12:05-12:35
  • Lunch
  • Block 5 1:13-2:09 7th grade Reading Foundations
  • Block 6 2:13-3:10 6th grade Reading Foundations


This is a fun WeVideo project that some of my students helped me create at the end of the school year. It began as a project intended for upcoming students in my classroom, but it has grown to a school-wide project. Now, all grade levels use this video to open up the discussion on Grit and Growth Mindset, two concepts that we at BMS recognize as crucial to the success of our students. It is my hope that we update this video every year with new success stories on growth.