Brevard High & Brevard Middle School Shooting Team

Head Coach / Brevard High School Coordinator - Colby Guice

Assistant Coach / Middle School Coordinator - Andrew Patterson

Assistant Coach - John Cochran

Assistant Coach - John Lambert

Brevard High school / Middle school Shooting Team is dedicated to educating students about gun safety and gun handling. Students have the options to shoot 12 or 20 gauge shotgun, .22 rifle, and compound bow. Throughout practices scores are kept of how well each individual is doing. We follow all gun safety measures and make sure there are qualified individuals on site. After all the practices, the top five shooters in each category will go onto competition in March at Polk County Gun Club. At the competition everyone's points are added up as a team.

  • The Brevard High/Brevard Middle School Shooting team was set up and competes in the North Carolina Youth Hunter Education Skills Tournament (YHEST), which is a statewide competition for middle and high school students. Students will compete in multiple events such as shotgun, rifle, bow, orienteering, and a 100 question hunters skills exam.

  • Each fall at the beginning of the school year students will have the opportunity to sign up for the shooting team and shortly there after we start preparing for the upcoming events and practice.

  • During the course of the school year, the team will hold between one and three raffles, which all proceeds go to support the team.

  • BHS/BMS sponsorship's are also accepted throughout the school year.

  • Requirements for the team - Must have completed hunter education, and have passing grades, $30 dollar club fee.

  • Requirements to remain in the club - Must regularly attend weekly meetings, and show up to the first 2 practices and 80% of the scored practices, must keep passing grades, must actively participate in funding for the team.

  • NC Wildlife Hunters education link

    • All sponsorship and raffle money collected is used for shooting team items such as -

      • Shotgun ammo

      • .22 Ammo

      • Skeet

      • .22 Targets

      • Bow Targets

      • Range improvements

      • Competition entry fees

      • Team apparel