Brennan Arney

Shout Out to Mrs. Brennan Arney for working hard to meet the needs of her students every day. She makes math class fun and exciting, maintains an excellent online classroom, and spends endless hours planning PBIS activities and rewards for students. Thank you Brennan Arney!

Jan Compton

Shout Out to RMS paraprofessional Jan Compton. Mrs. Compton assists in Mrs. Young's self-contained special education classroom. She is patient, caring, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Thank you Mrs. Compton for all of your hard work!

GMS Faculty and Staff, RMS Faculty and Staff, & TMS Faculty and Staff

submitted by Mr. Glayde Brown

Karen Davis

Karen Davis is a pre-kindergarten teacher at Richlands Elementary School. She has taught in Tazewell County for thirty years; however, she exhibits no signs of "burn out". In fact, she is a motivator, a cheerleader, and an encourager not only for her students but also for every staff member. She embodies an inner joy that is a blessing to others. Thanks for being awesome, Karen!!

Jean O’Quinn

Thank you for always being a nice, friendly face at Tazewell Primary School. You go above and beyond to assist staff members and parents daily.

Dr. Chris Stacy

#1 We are all blessed to have Dr. Stacy as our leader. He is leading us through very unchartered territories right now, and he is doing so with thoughtfulness, grace, and kindness.

#2 Thank you, Dr. Stacy for always being available. You are doing an amazing job!

Angela McDaniel

This amazing lady teaches 2nd grade at Tazewell Primary! She is an example of pure kindness, hard work and vast knowledge.

Caitlin Hutchison

#1 Caitlin always goes above and beyond for her students! She works so hard to help her beginning band students learn their instruments and her marching band members learn their music and field show. Tazewell is so lucky to have her!

#2 Ms. Hutchison has not let our new normal hold her or her program back at all. She has worked tirelessly to prepare her students, find ways for them to spread out and follow guidelines to practice, and work individually with students as needed. She has also explored several software opportunities to keep her band students where they need to be. When things return to the way they were (or as close as we get) her students will not have missed a beat (no pun intended).

#3 Caitlin works so hard for her band kids! TMS and THS are so lucky to have her. I wish everyone knew how much time she dedicates to her students!

Beverly Harris

Thank you for all you do for us at RHS! You are amazing!!!

Abbs Valley Teachers

Shout out to all of our Teachers at AVBES. These teachers have worked so hard teaching not only in person students, but online students also. You guys are Rocking It. <WE HAVE THE BEST STAFF AND FAMILY AT AVBES> A BIG THANKS TO WENDY BARRINGER FOR BRING A GREAT PRINCIPAL AND LEADER!!!

Buffie Crabtree

Mrs. Crabtree goes above and beyond at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. She makes sure we have what we need and makes sure we are listened to when we come to her with concerns. Not only does she care about her faculty and staff, but she loves each student like they are her own. This does not go unnoticed and it is appreciated at Cedar Bluff Elementary School.

Randy Cordle

Mr. Cordle does an awesome job with music and being vice principal at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. Thank you for what you do!

Rebecca Roark

Ms. Becky goes above and beyond to keep everyone at Cedar Bluff Elementary School up to date on everything we need to know and makes sure we have whatever we need as teachers. She always approaches the day with a smile on her face and it is very appreciated.

Christina Allison

Ms. Allison does so well with the students during PE at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. Even with the circumstances 2020 has thrown she has done so well with keeping the students active through her online videos and she has made it so interesting with different backgrounds and fun characters.

Isabella Baldwin

Mrs. Baldwin is an amazing guidance counselor at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. She does so well with making sure all students feel comfortable and with 2020 circumstances she has done exceptionally well at making the videos have a personal feel to them.

Tammy Blankenship

At Cedar Bluff Elementary School it is common to hear "Tammy Blankenship" over the intercom and no matter when you see Tammy she is always wearing a smile and happy to do her job. You are appreciated more than you know at CBES!

Stacy Brooks

Ms. Brooks is awesome with the students at Cedar Bluff Elementary School.

Lindsay Buchanan

Mrs. Buchanan goes above and beyond at Cedar Bluff Elementary school and she always has a smile on her face. We are thankful to have someone who is always happy to help us with any computer needs at CBES. Thank you for what you do!

Matthew Chapman

Mr. Chapman may be one of the few male teachers at CBES, but he always wears a smile on his face and is eager to help students and learn new things. It may not be easy working with all women, but he does it well. You are appreciated.

Melissa Compton

Mrs. Compton does her job and does it well. She is always working hard to help any student she can and is always completing any task she has on time. She is friendly and always works well with every student. You are appreciated at CBES!

Tammy Connor

Mrs. Connor is always so quiet and working so hard with all students she is assigned to. Your hard work and kindness never goes unnoticed at Cedar Bluff Elementary School. You are appreciated!

Katy Elswick

Mrs. Elswick is so generous to the faculty at CBES, but not only that she is AMAZING with pre-k students. She always has a smile on her face and is eager to do her job that most would struggle with. You are appreciated!

MaryBeth Elswick

Mrs. Elswick is always ready to give you a laugh at CBES and is awesome with her second graders! You are appreciated!

Dawn VanDyke

Ms. VanDyke always makes us laugh!! She has the best sense of humor, and she needs it as she teaches in the inclusion pre-kindergarten class at Richlands Elementary School. Her fun personality causes all of her students to love "Miss Dawn". She also brought in a fantastic donation of individualized scavenger hunts for her class -- pretty cool!!

Tammy Foley

Mrs. Foley has a smile on her face every single day. Regardless of her circumstances she greets every student and faculty member with a smile and it is so appreciated at CBES!

Sherry Hale

Ms. Hale is always so kind to students at faculty at CBES, you are appreciated!

Jamie Hess

At CBES you can always count on Mrs. Hess to give you a good laugh. Not only a good laugh, but she is good with her 5th graders and does what she does best!

Samantha Keene

Mrs. Keene is amazing with fourth grade at CBES. She loves every student like they are her own child and teaches content so well with an interesting spin on it. You are appreciated!

Barbara Lester

Mrs. Lester is an amazing 4th grade teacher and CBES appreciates all of your hard work and dedication to the students!

Keisha Lynch

Ms. Lynch is such an amazing teacher and always goes above and beyond for everyone in the building. Ms. Lynch is a selfless person that does anything for anyone regardless if she needs something or if she is working on something. Regardless of how her day is she always makes sure to wear a smile on her face. Not only is she a selfless, amazing, and caring person the way she teaches is unlike any other. She makes learning so much fun and cares for every single student in her classroom. If you ask Ms. Lynch about CBES she would tell you the students are what makes this building. Her faith in God shows daily and she is always so full of joy. You are appreciated at CBES and so many people are looking up to you. Keep on being amazing.

Jennifer Majors

Mrs. Majors is amazing with her kindergarten students and always makes learning so fun for the children. You are appreciated at CBES.

Angela Martin

Mrs. Martin is such a big help at CBES. Regardless what help is needed she is always offering to help and does it with a smile. You are appreciated.

Tracey Martin

Mrs. Martin is such an amazing person and an amazing teacher. She loves her students like they are her own and always has a smile on her face. You are appreciated at CBES!

Charlotte Matney

Mrs. Matney looks at everyday as a day to rejoice in the Lord and that is so inspiring. She not only inspires the faculty at CBES, but she inspires her students as well. Mrs. Matney is an amazing teacher and is so organized. CBES appreciates you more than you know!

Megan McGhee

Mrs. McGhee is a hard working, sweet, and amazing faculty member. Regardless of what you ask her to do she does it with a smile and never complains. She is working hard to complete her Masters Degree and the determination she has is unbelievable. She is a joy to work with at CBES and always has a smile on her face.

Lisa Mitchell

Mrs. Mitchell is always up to give everyone a laugh and is amazing with her 3rd grade students. You are appreciated at CBES!

Ashley Ratliff

Ms. Ratliff is the fashionable happy CBES faculty member. She always has a smile on her face and is always dressed so fashionable. Ms. Ratliff is always quick to help and does it with a smile.

Tammy Rose

Mrs. Rose is an amazing first grade teacher that makes learning fun and is super sweet anytime you speak with her. CBES appreciates you!

Virginia Russell

Mrs. Russell is a sweet lady who always is giving her best at CBES. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help any student that needs help. CBES appreciates you!

Angela Shortt

Mrs. Shortt is always up to talk about her farm animals and can make all the students enjoy learning. She has the ability to make all students listen not just her 3rd graders. She is a selfless person who is always up for a good laugh and is always kind to her students and the faculty.

Dana Smith

Mrs. Smith is always eager to help and does so much for CBES that we do not even realize. She is always excited to start new things and her faith shines bright at CBES. You are appreciated at CBES!

Lindsay Smith

Mrs. Smith has so much fun with teaching and makes it even more fun for the students. CBES is blessed to have a fun first grade teacher that has such a bright learning environment

Molly Thompson

Ms. Thompson always has a beautiful smile on her face and loves all of her students. She is always checking on everyone regardless of her circumstances and is always willing to help. CBES appreciates you and we are blessed you help us all so much!

Shelia Boyd

Ms. Boyd is an awesome third grade teacher who makes learning enjoyable for all students!

Jessica Turner

Mrs. Turner is an amazing first grade teacher who makes learning fun. She not only makes learning fun, but she makes work fun as well! She always has a smile on her face and is nice to the students and faculty. You are appreciated at CBES!

Shannon Wess

Mrs. Wess always has a smile on her face and is eager to help in anyway she can. Thank you for all you do at CBES!

Martha White

Mrs. White is so appreciated at CBES! The way she works with pre-k students is amazing and she always has a smile on her face!

Tyann Asbury

Ms. Tyann is always willing to help in anyway she can at CBES. She is a kind person and makes working at CBES fun and enjoyable! You are appreciated.

Karen Smith

Mrs. Smith goes above and beyond at TMS. Her hard work is so appreciated. She always has a smile on her face and is so easy to work with! You are appreciated.

Sherri Walters

#1 Mrs. Walters is a joy to work with and is always working countless hours to make sure what needs to be done is done. TMS is lucky to have a worker like you! You are appreciated.

#2 Thank you for taking care of TMS. Everyone appreciates all you do for the faculty and staff, and great job on the audit!

Chad Mitchell

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to TMS. Our faculty and staff are very blessed to have you. TMS is always well maintained and beautiful!!

TMS Teachers

Thank you for your dedication to the students at TMS. In these trying times you have shined and helped our students in many ways. The students are very blessed to have you as a positive role model in their lives on a daily basis.

Technology Department and Librarians

A big thank you to all of the technology department and librarians for all their extra work in order to get devices ready for the Bluefield area schools!

Kelly Walker

Per her students - she is awesome because she finds fun ways to teach their lessons!

Derick Smith

Mr. Smith has stepped up to the plate during the pandemic, and does anything he can to help the students and staff at TMS. He is tirelessly working to make sure students complete work, that all students get meals, and that teachers have what they need. Mr. Smith is fantastic!

Lisa Crouch

anonymous shout-out!

Lee Eastridge

He is the hardest working man I have ever seen - always doing something. He is always willing to help anyone. I appreciate him more than he will ever know. Thank you, Lee, for all you do!


Incredible job during the temporary shut down! This staff works tirelessly for our students! They have come together as a team and I am so appreciative of all their hard work!

Beth Smith

shout-out from Tammy Brown


GHS faculty and staff have done an amazing job during remote learning! They have worked incredibly hard to continue to provide instruction, grade assignments, give feedback, and stay in contact with our students and families. Nothing about 2020 has been easy, but our folks make it look as close as it can get right now. ~Brad Carr

Jane Boardwine

Jane is absolutely the most positive, hard-working cafeteria manager I have ever had the pleasure of being around. She is so helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for her students and the faculty alike. She is a true Bulldog, and we love her at TIS! Melett Smith

All GHS Teachers

You guys have been amazing this year! Thank you for being so understanding and your readiness to help the students. This is the toughest year yet, especially with the online learning, and you guys are nailing it! Much love

Beth Mullins

She has went above and beyond to ensure our students and teachers understand all of the new technology that we are using. I don't know what we would do without her, especially me because I am always messing up my computer. Thank you, Mrs. Mullins!

Cindy Oliver

Cindy is a tremendous asset for Tazewell County Public Schools. Thank you for your hard work and diligence. You are an indispensable, and I'm so happy to have you here!

Debbie Willis

Thank you for all of your hard work. You juggle so many tasks and do an outstanding job on all of them. I'm glad to have you part of my team.

Linda Akers - Custodian for Central Office

Linda is the bright point of my day. She keeps me straight. Thank you for all of the hard work you do. It is definitely noticed and appreciated!

Sara Whitt

Thank you Sara, for your hard work and willingness to take on new tasks. You are a vital part of my team, and I appreciate you!

Vickie Lester

Vickie is a vital part of TCPS. She is so knowledgeable and an essential part of our team. Her accuracy and efficiency has made her a top go-to person in my books!

Dee Dee Hill

Ms. Hill is someone whom I look up to. She has so many responsibilities, and does them well with aplomb!

All Bookkeepers

Congratulations on a clean audit report for 2019-2020. Each of you do an extraordinary job. I'm thankful for each of you. Keep it up!

Sarah Taylor

Thank you for your positivity! You are doing an impressive job with interviews, contracts, and all of the many other duties you have going on.

Lorna Arehart

You got a math problem? Yo, she'll solve it!

Mrs. Arehart, an LTS at GHS does more than handle the day-to-day requirements. If our students are having difficulty with their math assignments, she is there ready to help and carefully explain until her students understand. Thank you, Mrs. Arehart!

Aaron Buchanan

Mr. Buchanan goes above and beyond to help every teacher and student. He is always planning for, assessing and evaluating our students success. He takes care of every single detail in the classroom, he's thorough with his assignments and remediation. His rapport with faculty and students is fabulous. He's kind-hearted and RMS is blessed to have him!


Sara always goes the extra mile to help us. She is organized and is a very hard worker. I am happy to have her as my secretary because she is almost always smiling and happy. The world would be a better place if there were more people like her.


You are the best custodian ever! You keep us safe!


Michelle Brown is often here after normal work hours. She has a very positive personality and is always willing to lend a hand if I don't understand something related to technology. I am so glad that she is our ITRT at TCCTC. She's the best!


Mrs. Hale teaches 6th grade Math at GMS. She works late every evening and weekends at GMS to prepare a great online learning experience for her students. She's always looking for creative new ways to use the latest technology to enhance online/in person student learning. She is always willing to share great information with other teachers as well.


Tazewell Middle School has always relied on Beth Mullins to keep our library, media, and technology running. However, with our new circumstances the amount of work placed on her as been multiplied by ten. While we are all overwhelmed, I can only imagine the stress she feels each day. She faces each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to help. I have never heard Beth complain even though I feel sure she has reason too. Without her expertise, commitment, and kindness, our school would not survive our current world of teaching. I am thankful to have her not only as a co-worker, but as a friend. Submitted by: Allison Gillespie


Anonymous shout-out


You are AMAZING!!! Thank you for ALL that you do for Graham High School!!!


You are a blessing to me! Love, J. McGinnis


Beth Mullins is a rock star at TMS! She has and continues to support me and my students with library needs, technology needs and google meets to name a few. She doesn't complain and keeps a great attitude while continuously looking for professional solutions for her coworkers and students. She is a positive role model that demonstrates what it means to live you career. S. Ingram, TMS


Shout Out to Angela, just because she is AWESOME!!!! She is always there when I need her with anything. I always know that Angela is there with a willing heart. Just know I love you.


Anonymous Shout-Out


Ms. Richardson is a 6th grade English teacher at Tazewell Middle School. She has gone above and beyond this year for her students creating a happy and safe environment. Ms. Richardson personally greets each student walking by her classroom every morning. She always has a smile on her face and is ready for any challenge presented to her.


Mr. Blevins reaches out to his students' family via personal cell phone just to touch base and check on his students. He is a go to person for many of the teachers at GHS. He is always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help.


Ms. Lashinsky is an awesome administrator! She is very kind, compassionate, and caring. Through this difficult time with COVID-19, she has created and maintained a calm atmosphere at Richlands Elementary School. It shows within our building as the staff and students continue to have smiles under their masked faces. She works tirelessly to address the needs of students, parents, and staff without complaining. She has created a schedule that is easy to follow and addresses the needs of both in-person and virtual learners. I don't know how she does what she is able to do with just 24 hours in a day.


Ms. Collins is such a great assistant principal. It is obvious she supports Ms. Lashinskys effort to create and maintain a calm atmosphere at Richlands Elementary School. She always has a smile and a kind word of encouragement. Her compassion and concern is unmatched.


Mr. David Beavers and his staff for their tireless efforts to maintain and keep Tazewell County Public Schools campuses and structures in prime operational condition in order to enhance the instructional and learning environment for all students (FROM JIMMY MCGEE)


District II DECA

The show must go on for our DECA students in Tazewell and the surrounding counties here in Southwest VA. Co-District Advisors, Dee Shoemaker (Graham High School DECA) and Gretchen Cline (Tazewell High School DECA) are piecing together a plan to continue the tradition of DECA Competition. What was once a very large ‘in-person’ event that involved many schools and business people from all over Southwest Virginia, will now be offered virtually. With help and guidance from VA DECA, measures have been taken to adapt to the new COVID world that we are all living in.


For always having the answer, and helping without making me feel stupid. Don't know what we would do without you!!


For going above and beyond!


I am thrilled to have Mrs. Ingram involved with my classes this year! Her personal skills, material contributions, creative input and endless enthusiasm brings a spark to the room and I can see the excitement growing in all of our students for learning!


Debbie is an incredible asset to RHS, she has been for 29 years. Her knowledge is unmatchable along with her ability to make things run smoothly. She cares about the faculty, staff and our students. She takes care of us all!