Arts of Iran

Introduction to Iranian Art:

In Professor Hutton’s fall 2020 "Art of Iran" class at The College of New Jersey, students were tasked with researching a specific facet of Iranian art and summarizing some of the most helpful resources to learn more about their chosen topic. Students’ work covered various topics including, but not limited to Iranian film, architecture, calligraphy, ceramics, and how these elements work to increase Iran's presence in the international art scene. Follow the links below to take you to the individual pages on these and other topics.

World Map - Google Data 2020

History of Iran in 5 minutes (3200 BCE - 2013 CE)

Amintehran, M. (Director). (2013, March 19). History of Iran in 5 minutes (3200 BCE - 2013 CE) [Video file]. Retrieved 2020, from

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